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  1. Katy Bars ❤

    Text RP.

    @GlitterGlock19 Fully understand... 😀
  2. Katy Bars ❤

    Text RP.

    I would love to see a text RP portion either here in forum or within the discord, for some people who want to continue situations or RP an instance when they go back to their house and go to bed, I can see alot of people have creativity and I think it would be really cool to see how much more creativity we can see from people over text RP.
  3. Katy Bars ❤

    2v1 for Cops too

    Just playing my 2cents in, I've been on both sides of the spectrum and i see how both side treat each other, Yes as a criminal I will do what i need to to be able to get away but there are times were i will interact and get little to no interaction out of an officer/BCSO member, We always get told were not allowed to do things in certain numbers and make sure we weigh up our options when doing certain things and as a Deputy i too can see how some of my fellow Deputies treat other criminal. This discussion i know was a 2:1 ration but it has turned to other things, I don't think we should have l
  4. Katy Bars ❤

    Kaitlynn Chen and Smo Senna Divorce

    Your Honor my husband decided to skip town months ago and has left me alone.
  5. Katy Bars ❤

    Be able to hear panic button

    There is very little sense to a criminal knowing an LEO has pressed their panic button unless it's to metagame. From past experience in other cities being able to hear a panic button going off creates more chaos for both the officer being held up/kidnapped and the criminal doing the holding/kidnapping. On the officers side even if they feel relived that they know they have back up on the other side it makes most angrier and tend to be more reckless and end up breaking rules to get away or shoot the officer in anger, Athena, Jamie and Emma have said it is also very unreal
  6. Most of the time i block my map and the screen when I'm going to certain places if your followers are respectful they wont try to actively find you. Although there are a few outliers, but at the end of the day if they do something stupid while you are streaming you already have it recorded so they are pretty stupid to try and break rules while people are watching. Specially sometimes some admins like to turn into streams.
  7. Katy Bars ❤

    Casino causes texture loss

    I have experienced this too, a few days ago i had to transport 2 inmates and just fell through the map by the casino.
  8. Katy Bars ❤

    Smo and Kaitlyn

  9. Katy Bars ❤

    Mid Tsunami Photoshoot.

  10. Katy Bars ❤

    Tony the coke pony

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