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  1. MichaelMotorcycl

    Then & Now

    I made this very early in the morning and reading through it now, it makes no fuckin sense
  2. MichaelMotorcycl

    Then & Now

    Rule 1: You cannot comment on what someone else has posted until you post one of yourself. *Cough Cough* Delano
  3. MichaelMotorcycl

    Then & Now

    I myself have changed a lot over my stay in this community. This is both physically and emotionally. I first joined the server in November of 2017. I do have an audio clip of myself at around this time and I have an audio clip of now. I have a picture of myself from around this time and I have a picture from now. Unironically, the picture of me in the orange shirt is the newest picture of happened to have of myself The top picture is of myself in New York City on October 30, 2017. I plan to search for the audio clips later. Anyone else care to add on to this post?
  4. MichaelMotorcycl

    Hours played

    Yes, Open Steam, Hover over the "Library" button (DO NOT CLICK) Click on "Recent" Source SDK Base 2007 is there
  5. MichaelMotorcycl

    Post your internet speedtest here.

    Who specifically? @Sneezy | Declan Taylor
  6. MichaelMotorcycl

    Post your internet speedtest here.

  7. MichaelMotorcycl

    Neon light kit

    You can make a refund request if it is that big of a deal, but those take 5+ days to go into effect, so I just recommend sucking it up.
  8. MichaelMotorcycl

    Neon light kit

    This is something I have noticed too. Neons and window tints I believe
  9. MichaelMotorcycl

    My retirement.

    w h a t
  10. MichaelMotorcycl

    My retirement.

    If I may add my little bit here, there was some obvious OOC when I had talked to you during your most recent stay here, it would be acceptable in the time that you were last here. Back when you were here a long while ago, the way you were talking would've been acceptable. That's just my say, and I thought I would express my opinions. Wish ya luck, @MrParadoxHD
  11. MichaelMotorcycl

    drag racing event Drag Racing Event

    Bring your cars/SUVs/vans/trucks to the Sandy Shores Airfield to compete in the drag race & Car Meet on 04/12/2019 When - Friday (04/12/2019) @ 6:30 PM EST, 3:30 PM City-Time Where - Car Meet is at Sandy Garage then we all move to Sandy Shores Air Field for the drag racing. What - Car Meet --> Drag Race (ALL CARS ALLOWED) PRIZES Prizes will be discussed during the event, but a large cash-prize is given to the person who performs the best in their car's respective category. RULES NO Gang Activity NO OOC Spam NO Screaming DISCLOSURE - CARS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED
  12. MichaelMotorcycl

    Post your queue position here!

    We'll see how long this takes
  13. MichaelMotorcycl

    Post your queue position here!

    Post a screen shot of you position in queue along with the amount of time that it took you to get in.
  14. Niklas Krappennschizts 

    All over the board, used to be a member of the "White Legion" and used to be a lawyer way back when.


    Niklas Krappennschizts Jr. 

    Son of Niklas Krappennschizts, always lost looking for his father, who was dead.


    Granda Krappennschizts 

    Father of Niklas Krappennschizts and Mrs. Krappennschizts (Niklas' Wife)


    Michael Packard 

    Owned the first used car lot that this city would ever see. Tragically killed himself after accidentally selling all of his stock instead of making insurance claims.


    Shaffer Krappennschizts 

    First official owner of the Paleto Bay LSC. This person is still living, but after the IRS caught him money laundering, he was forced into hiding but might find his way back into Los Santos, question mark. Was also a deputy for the Blaine County Police Department. 


    Felix Krappennschizts 

    Lightly known drug-supplier for Terry Jenkins and Tanny Frankson. Forced into hiding as well due to the fact that he had relations with Shaffer. 


    Harry Knips 

    A homeless man who was known over twitter for having the stamina of a marathon runner. He eventually found his way driving around in a Grotti but died when robbing a barbershop. He was running away from the cops on foot and was shot by ARs from behind. 


    Michael Garfield 

    A cop and the CEO of a possibly soon-to-be organization, the LSVA.


    Michael Davids 

    An attorney with ShutTheFuckUp Law Firm. Possible gay, who knows.


    Michael Renolds 

    A soft-shelled criminal who died when he put a bullet through his brain while robbing the Car Dealership in Los Santos. He was trying to set up a life as a meth-dealer and needed some cash to kickstart his business and died in the process.


    Michael Ryans 

    A property owner who specializes in cars. Currently is switching super cars by the daily. At the time of writing this, he is on the X80 Proto.




  15. MichaelMotorcycl

    Handling File For Cars

    Thanks for the fix, but no. That is also not the answer. I fixed it now.