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  1. WPGDiaz

    Tasing through windows

    I full agree. But moment you go to do that you either get ran over, shot or someone immediately speeds off. Unfortunately it hinges on the criminal more since they just gotta flap their gummies then runnn
  2. WPGDiaz

    Tasing through windows

    Exactly the point I'm making LOL. Great minds my friend <33
  3. WPGDiaz

    Tasing through windows

    All this will lead to is cops standing in front of your vehicle and if you go to drive you're just going to get shot. That will lead to even more complaining. We've all dealt with the scuff.
  4. Love you hams ❤️

  5. WPGDiaz

    Introductions come say Hi

    Hello Emma. Welcome to the server....lol
  6. WPGDiaz

    Introductions come say Hi

    Rude. Absolutely rude...However, I can vouch for this man. He's good stuff!
  7. I highly disagree with this statement for the most part. The thing I do agree with, is that there are some cops who literally just move for the win plain and simple. That has been an issue which has been vanishing over time and has been getting worked on. Half the issue is, is that when this happens no one ever reports it so it goes unnoticed and the salt remains. When it comes to raiding, you are just flat out wrong. There are laws and channels we have to follow in the city as well through judges. I have very decent interactions with gangs, then there are some that are just bloody horrendous
  8. It all comes down to a give and take scenario. Because at the end of the day, this is a game. It is something we all do for fun, something to unwind and de-stress. Seeing that it's a game, it's not a huge ask to just be respectful of your fellow player. Yes, it's criminals and cops but lets step away from hiding behind "RP" and all that BS that comes with that and just be a decent human being. It's not that hard of an ask. Both sides are allowed to have fun -period-. The majority of everyone is in agreeance that things go -WAY- too far when it comes to people talking to officers the way they d
  9. You are beautiful

  10. WPGDiaz

    Civilian Radios

    Open a radio shack and let people get them radios!
  11. Well said. Couldn't agree more. People hide behind "RP" just to verbally abuse Police Officers.
  12. WPGDiaz

    David Tindell - Appeal Request

    After speaking with Mr. Carmichael in regards to his client. We've come to the agreement to drop the charges and avoid holding up the judicial system. We have settled on this. I request that Mr. Carmichael respond to confirm what I say is true.
  13. WPGDiaz

    David Tindell - Appeal Request

    Available on weekends
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