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  1. OnlySlays

    robbing cop guns

    -1. It's not hard to get the money for an auto and this would only create more gunplay over roleplay
  2. OnlySlays


    ^ Exactly this. I don't necessarily think it should be a green zone and I know staff cant crack down on people without reports but its pretty damn sad when myself and other cops would rather buy 8-10 peanut butter cups and 3 Fanta's or 4 hot dogs and three waters because of the way we get treated when we arrive.
  3. OnlySlays

    Value of life rule reinstated.

    I'd like to just throw my two cents in. Me and @GoddessNextDoor were going on a "date night" where we planned to kidnap someone and either mag dump them if they were super annoying/not fun or buy them a car/something if they went with it and gave us a good interaction. We pulled up on probably 9 different people with MP's stating to put their hands up and the general thing that happened was us being rammed or them running and being shot. I would definitely love something like valuing your life to become a solid rule but understand that some peoples flight or fight responses are going to be different.
  4. OnlySlays

    Radio emote gets stuck when on Tac Channels

    Please fix. Cant respond to something like a bank robbery while using a tac channel and having a gun open
  5. OnlySlays

    Snow Day for a Day?

    We do in december!
  6. OnlySlays

    Having lots of server lag.

    I loaded into the server and the first thing I noticed was that it took me a couple tries to actually select my character. Then it took a couple tries to actually click on where I wanted to spawn. I figured it might have been my PC finishing waking up as I had turned it on moments before loading in. So I quit, cleared my cache and loaded back up. Tried to send a text and I would repeatedly have to hit the same key just to get one letter down. From there I tried to store my fireworks launcher in my house but it never stored. I ended up running to the garage at my house and tried to move things around in the vehicle and it took multiple clicks before it would let me drag. I've included a video where you can hear the amount of times I type in comparison to how many letters actually show up. I plan to do a reinstall and see if that fixes it. 2020-05-27 12-54-02.mkv
  7. OnlySlays


    I know when I did my Gnome stuff the person being morgued was scripted for this reason. If any officer had said they weren't comfortable then I would of stopped/waited for someone else to continue. I agree with the sentiment and feel like as long as the parties are consenting thats the important part.
  8. I can be available whenever starting Monday.
  9. I will be talking to ADA Powers and will get back to you with a time. Sheriff Elliot Shaw Blaine County Sheriffs Office
  10. Approved, please reach out through the proper channels to get it done.
  11. OnlySlays

    subpoena request - Ryder Lance

    Approved, please find the request signed below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JDDkytrtbhcJJVQHPia8YKairRg0CM0PjRDEOC-X9bY/edit?usp=sharing
  12. OnlySlays

    subpoena request - Ryder Lance

    Approved after re-discussing. For next time please use the aforementioned template. Once you receive this information you may hold it for 5 (Five) days before having to relinquish the document unless a case is filed.
  13. At this time the Department of Justice is going to be denying the request. We see no reason why we should entertain the thought of an expungement when your client willingly partook in actions leading to being charged multiple times with terrorism, attempted murder and jail break. We also see your client made no effort to change his ways after being released by the fact that even his last arrest is a violent crime.
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