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    Teddy, Theodore Brown,
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    Teddy Brown... Chicken!

    Theodore Brown | pig and ems

    Herbert Tom Jones | Brother of Bobert Jones, and they are the WORLDS BEST WITCH HUNTERS!!!!

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  1. this is pretty much me when ever @GlitterGlock19 Bully's me 😭


  2. TEDDY

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Teddy Brown - Chicken
  3. I Dare yeeeeeeeeee


    1. Rimka


      Microwave the chicken

  4. TEDDY

    Friday Fight Club

    Teddy Brown - Spectator/ Fight club mascot, chicken
  5. rare Pic of me before i identified as a chicken!! 


    1. GomBiaN


      You need help

    2. remyma666


      wish it was a full mask

  6. Felt Kinda Cute in this pic might delete soon tho!@Marcus @GomBiaN@Radisma

    Chicken man.jpg

    1. Marcus


      hahahahaha what the hell !

  7. Happy Bday to me !!!!! Lmao 


  8. This man Right here is one of my Best friends! i cant express how much i love this dude! he is always there for me and he always deals with my ass no matter how bad of a mode im in can we get a GG in chat PLS!!!!!!!!! @Rez


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jones
    3. Aidan Biden

      Aidan Biden

      Wow rude am I knot your bff reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! hope you all have fun with your Friend's and Family!!!!!

    xmas pic.jpg

  10. @Rez Look how dope this shit looks LMAO 

    Drag race 3.png

  11. All I hear when I see this picture is the cat reeeeeing so fucking loud lmao


  12. -me when i see sometime that is Driving at me to VDM me 😢 HELLO darkness my old Friend 😭


  13. -me when they don't announce BorderLands 3 😢 😭


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