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  1. Cas

    Pay Monthly Contracts

    Speaking from BCSO perspective, we actually do this! We have a private lawyer on our payroll and have people to contact if we need a tow, all you need to do is approach a commandstaff member from a department!
  2. Cas

    GP Vroom Vroom

  3. Cas

    GP Vroom Vroom

    ppl should just stop acting stupid
  4. Cas

    Chief of Justice

    Blake Shaw for Chief of Justice
  5. Cas

    Swat Team

    there’s certain rules set up by both departments about using helicopters, so you wont always see a helicopter in the sky. HCATT stands for High Crime Area Target Team, its basically the SWAT team from the BCSO, they kick in doors clear houses ect. ESU is the swat team from the SASP, they do the same as HCATT and work together alot during warrant services, bank robberies ect. Both ESU and HCATT wont patrol on regular bases so you wont see swat teucks driving around or troopers / deputies in full tac gear so thats why you probably never seen them
  6. Cas

    Swat Team

    we got this both in bcso( HCATT) and sasp (ESU)
  7. Cas

    Paleto Bank

    we’re trying but we don’t always have the man power to always have ppl in paleto!! sometimes we need to break off for calls or there’s alot of calls in the city we need t help
  8. Cas

    Prison RP

    ok but we were talking about everyone giving COs verbal abuse and getting beaten up when they try to RP with yall. yeah some cops abuse the quick cuff quick drag and what not, but thats a staff issue so please report it when it happens. I commented as someone who was a CO for a pretty long time and as the current COs commandstaff explaining why we made some rules and explaining why some newer COs might me hesitant of doing certain things because they’re scared to get beaten, fired, have bounties on their hear bc they didn’t give someone with 5m yard time ect
  9. Cas

    Prison RP

    Kian makes a valid point, usually when COs try to RP with inmates they either get verbal abuse or they get beaten up the second they set a prisoner in the yard. This is why i basically HAD to make the 2:1 rule for any inmate interaction, RP comes from both ways. Honestly the whole thing where people make fun of COs or just straight up bully them because they are a CO needs to stop as a whole, they just try to have a nice time and some of y’all make people leave the server because of the abuse they get as a CO. If you want to hate the person who arrested you go right ahead but please dont abuse / attack the people who take care of you while you’re in prison.
  10. Cas

    Paleto bank fix

    It's too easy to rob the Paleto bank as it is right now, you can just walk in and walk out with 20k+ with 0 effort since most of the times units have to respond out of the city ( thats a 6 miles + drive). I suggest that, just like the Bank on Alta st, you need to lockpick through 1 or 2 doors to get to the vault to make it more fair for cops to respond and RP it out.
  11. Cas

    DA Office Garage

    im 100% sure i once saw the ada pull a car out from there when i didnt have permission to do it 😬
  12. Cas

    Knox vs McStone

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/462697767685324810/655889445865652259/AT-cm_581076383.mp4 Only Body cam footage i have of this. (send me an email if the link doesnt work and i'll send in through emails.)
  13. Cas

    Current Cars & Dream Cars

    yall got nothing on my moped bruh 😤
  14. Cas

    Jared Kennedy vs BCSO

    im sure you all know but mr Kennedy unfortunally passed away. http://prntscr.com/pkxyc5
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