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    Vadim Kalashnikov
    Lennos Hultman
    Dave Raymond

    My past characters:
    Ivan Evicius [DEAD]
    Eric Smithy
    Connor Johnson [DEAD]
  • Character Background(s)
    Vadim Kalashnikov:
    Swedish Mother and a Russian Father

    Lennos Hultman:
    Lennos Hultman was born in 1992 and raised in Sweden, Örebro.
    He actually had a great childhood and always been a part of many friend groups. There has never been any problems in his life other than his grandpa died when he was 11 years old. He's grandpa was a respected man around the place he lived in because his grandpa have been protecting the community for a long time as a one of the local cops. He's grandpa really inspired Lennos of what he wanted in life but...
    At the age of 17 he started with drugs due to he got addicted when his friends always smoked after school time, but after being arrested for having some on him he decided it was time for him to change route before he ended up in the wrong kind of friend circles. Lennos started to focus more on school and took his exams with decent grades. He knew with these grades he had he was going to be able to get into Police academy in Sweden, Umeå. With doing the school he actually manage to finish it with good grades and he was ready to join an department.
    But under his time in the academy in 2nd year he was told by one of his close friends on the phone that his friend was shot right outside his own house. Apparently some of the friends he used to see up on and see himself as one day had joined a gang back home and moved to the other side of the city where drugs and guns was getting transported every day.
    After hearing this sort of news Lennos knew he really had to step up his studying and make sure that he passed this academy. All he wanted to become one of the best cops back home where he was already respected and knew a lot of people...
    Being one of the people passing the academy he decided to move back and join the local department that hes grandpa used to work at. Problem was a lot of the people that Lennos used to know was either dad or moved on from these areas... It was nothing like Lennos thought and after some time he really didn't want to stay at the place so called "home".
    Lennos moved to the states just to hope he could start over with a new life. He is grateful and happy that he got to experience Sweden's criminals but he thought it was really time to move on and so he did...
    The story of Lennos moving to United States of America continues...

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  3. GomBiaN

    Any military vets here?

    I found you @VavaVoom, but in another form
  4. GomBiaN

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Grotti Turismo R Model: Super Issue: Goes max around 125 fully maxed out
  5. Name: Lennos Hultman Employee Number (CO Number): CO- 51 Certification requested: Rifle and Tower Reason for Request: I feel like that it is always good to have more CO's being able to reach out to the towers. May not be necessary to use the towers all the time but it's good to have more CO's actually having the option to go into the towers and hold. Another thing is that when I usually on duty there is either NO other CO with tower access or we have people ready. Feels like it wouldn't hurt to have more people with access Available Times: Weekdays, all GMT time: 6 pm - 11 pm and Weekends: 6 pm - 4 am
  6. GomBiaN

    Friday Fight Club

    Lennos Hultman - SASP on scene / Fighter
  7. GomBiaN

    Friday Fight Club

    Lennos Hultman - Fighter / SASP on standby
  8. Name: Lennos Hultman Employee Number (CO Number): CO- 260 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle and Pistol Reason for Request: As many knowns, I do know very good when to use non-lethal and lethal due to my long time inside of the San Andreas State Police as a Senior Trooper that has dealt with many different kinds of people. Also, there will always be in need of more people that actually will be able to protect the inmates from etc. Prison break or an attempted hostage situation. I just feel that a lot of people can feel comfortable in me knowing that I can handle a pistol when it is needed. Available Times: For 1 week more it will be 4 pm - 4 am GMT+1 | After that, it will be between 8 pm - 12 am
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  10. Yade Kalashnikov ?

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      Who do you think made him thicc? Someone has to keep him fed.

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    My Adventures on USARRP

    Was worth it! @[P-101][U-210] Jack Haines
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    great parking.png

    @Rimka What the hell man? ?
  13. GomBiaN

    Appreciation Thread

    @[P-12] Capt. Haines Yeet ❤️