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    Felix Li, Alejandro "Hondo" Gonzales
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    Felix Li is an asian immigrant coming from China. His family has just kicked him out of the house and family because of his inability to find his value in life. His family views him as a couch-potato and does nothing around to better himself or the family. He is now banished from them and is sent to Los Santos by order of his family to find his aspirations in life.
    Alejandro ("Hondo") Gonzales is a Mexican minor gang-banger who is looking to escape his lame-gang from Mexico and find a larger, more profitable, more status gang that he can get into a lot of trouble with. He had been previously stealing electronics and dealing over-the-counter drugs and he has gotten sick and tired of not gaining reputation within the gang and wants a fresh start in Los Santos.

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  1. TonyRiperoni

    City Block Realty (CBR)

    Marc Phillips and myself, Hondo A. Gonzales, have announced that we have left the Real Estate Agency (REA) and we are expanding & re-branding the City Block Apartments, and have re-named to City Block Realty (CBR). We will expand to lease apartments and sell homes for the state. Our business proposal/agreement is listed below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsfG38lE0BOoS9o4rmeB78K6ICgW2tR8z4UDNzJ3E1U/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Marc Phillips and myself (Hondo Gonzales) are looking to expand the real estate within the city to more than selling homes with the REA. We are looking to create our own business venture and rent out apartments for the city under our identity as: City Block Apartments (CBA). Attached is our business proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NpIILcqtpVGvNu17PXQtRBk2wd5s4sLBprWyGF2S58E/edit#
  3. TonyRiperoni

    Alejandro Hondo Gonzales vs. Corporal Luka Kovacic,SASPD

    I am Alejandro Hondo Gonzales and should be available, I will also ask witnesses from now until the court date to also let me know of their availability