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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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    She moved from Virginia in high hopes of starting over after her father passed away. Desperate to meet new people and start a fresh life she had no clue where to start. She started to meet the right people that took her under their wing and showed her around the City of Los Santos. They showed her many ways to make some fast cash flow. From Sand Mining to Meth process to weed to you basically name it. She didn't plan on either being too dirty or too clean. She met an off duty Police officer at the time that was kind and bought her very first ride which was a little faggio, she was humble and felt quiet safe cause she had no idea of the big city roads being from the country. After a few months she was beginning to have more money then she imagines she ever would. She bought a house after months of hustling. She then became involved with that very same Officer that showed her kindness that being the very first person who took time out of their busy schedule to help her from the start. She then started to get in the Drug business where she had to hide her dirty hands from that nice officer. As she knew she was being bad, feeling guilty. She didn't want to jeopardize his job so she ended what they had. After the terrible emotions, she has previous she started to venture out and done her own thing such as running guns, Drugs Stacking every dime buying her house and cars she then started spending some time with gangs cooking their meth. She was into growing weed as she did it back home so she wanted her empire of weed .although she knew many were doing it and wonder if there was some profit within it so she continued to build it up. What time as everyone seen Lil miss sunshine as legal, she had something always under her sleeve.

    After a year has passed still finding her path and being in a crowded city she met more and more new settlers that she had helped then that's when she begin being a part of many different organizations {gangs} very much had her heart set on if ever giving the chance she would join only certain ones that have Family Values a group that thought same as her, that can relate to her and always be there for her. She always says "if you have my back, then I will most certainly have yours no matter what she lives by certain rules and follows them best to her ability she is someone with morals and treats people how she likes to be treated. Very down to earth and a blast to have fun with.

    After a few bad relationships and learning that all good things comes to the end eventually, she still continues to be herself always and learns not everything good is just going to come, you have to find it . After almost feeling completely unworthy and almost forgetting the thing called love, She found it and she plans on doing whatever she has to, to keep it. She's a bit of a romantic more of a savage goof that loves to brighten people's day and know that she could change someone's life that day.

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