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    Vladislav Kalashnikov
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    Vladislav Kalashnikov is born i Russia and by later date moved to the US with his Brothers.
    All of his Brothers had Dreams but Vladislav had the biggest Dream of them all, he had Heard about the American Dream and wanted to succed by him selfe.
    He came to the US with Money from his parents and instead of buying a house for the Money,
    Vladislav decided to buy a small business, the business Went well in some years but then all suddenly the financial crisis happened.
    The business struggled it didnt make enought Money to pay the monthly rent or its employees.
    the employees got mad and left, so there was Vladislav all by him selfe now with a crashing business and no Money. Vlad had to sell his house and business and still didnt make enough Money.
    Vlad eventually decided to rob some stores and other people that he didnt like. and now does he have some future planes about Life and starting a gang together with his other Brothers.

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  1. ludde0987

    BCSO Training Event


    I can't attend, im going to greece for a week
  2. ludde0987

    Post your internet speedtest here.

  3. nice promotion, my one time hoi4 friend

  4. ludde0987

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Jeffrey Herlings - Racer
  5. ludde0987

    IRL Face thread?

    @thatjdmlif3Why Yamaha, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  6. ludde0987

    How’s your exams going?

    Always when i get a book to read, i try to find the film for it, and Watch it instead
  7. ludde0987

    How’s your exams going?

    Hahaha thats great
  8. ludde0987

    How’s your exams going?

    Thats true @Rimka School is outdated, you should learn about like how to social people, and stuff like that, not just math and stuff like that
  9. My Lovely, Beautiful, KTM 125CC

    KTM 125 (2).jpg

    1. TEDDY


      That’s cute LMAO ? 

  10. ludde0987

    What TV shows do you like?

    Jeremy Kyle Show, is the best
  11. Just me and my prison buddies

    Skärmbild (90).png

  12. ludde0987


    Yeah, you dont just start recording when you are beeing threatend for your Life by 4 people at gun Point, that turns in to failRP then
  13. ludde0987


    Yeah, i saw that, thats quiet booring to wait on some footage... Didnt see anything wrong about it at the time but now when im thinking about it, it kills the RP almost
  14. ludde0987


    In my opinion, I Think that the body cams should be removed, but not completley. I mean I've seen for example an Youtuber RP as a youtuber in game, so for example when he gets pulled over by the cops he says like, "Whats up guys its (Channel Name) and then proccedes with the RP" as hes holding a camera. so if you RP it out so Booth parts know that you are recording then i don't see anything wrong with it. But if you are recording without RPing that you have a bodycam or camera on then i dont Think it should be allowed, cuz then it just ruins the RP. (Sorry for my bad English, im really tired)
  15. DuI checkpoint

    Skärmbild (86).png

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