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    Vladislav Kalashnikov
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    Vladislav Kalashnikov is born i Russia and by later date moved to the US with his Brothers.
    All of his Brothers had Dreams but Vladislav had the biggest Dream of them all, he had Heard about the American Dream and wanted to succed by him selfe.
    He came to the US with Money from his parents and instead of buying a house for the Money,
    Vladislav decided to buy a small business, the business Went well in some years but then all suddenly the financial crisis happened.
    The business struggled it didnt make enought Money to pay the monthly rent or its employees.
    the employees got mad and left, so there was Vladislav all by him selfe now with a crashing business and no Money. Vlad had to sell his house and business and still didnt make enough Money.
    Vlad eventually decided to rob some stores and other people that he didnt like. and now does he have some future planes about Life and starting a gang together with his other Brothers.

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  1. Why harley tho :(

    1. Strike10



  2. reee

    1. Aidan Biden

      Aidan Biden



  3. Ludde0987

    So many Whitelisted

    I cant say for the first question. But there is usually cops on the second server to RP with.
  4. Ludde0987

    Opening help menu

    I had that exact same problem, I Think he's reffering to the (escape/map) menu, basically your menu gets stuck when you just walk around casually. (The emote of getting the map up) gets stuck and you cant get it out of your hands
  5. Ludde0987

    Terry Jenkins v. State Of San Andreas

    The San Andreas District Attorney are looking into this case, and are curentlly working on getting in Contact with the people.
  6. The San Andreas District Attorney is curentlly looking into this case, and are reviewing the situation. Bernie Eccleston San Andreas District Attorney
  7. Ludde0987

    Vadim Kalasknikov V SASP

    The San Andreas District Attorney is looking into this case and are curentlly working on getting an statement from the involved trooper. Bernie Ecclestone San Andreas State Police
  8. Ludde0987

    Luke NewMaker v. SASP

    Since Luke Newmaker hasnt been seen in the city for over a month now, and no Contact has been made between newmaker and the San Anderas District Attorney I am going to recommend this case to be dismissed Bernie Ecclestone San Andreas District Attorney
  9. Ludde0987

    Benjamin Smith Requests for These Charges to Be Expunged

    The San Andres District Attorney are looking into this case, and are currentlly working on getting an copy of the incident. I'd like for you to explain a bit more on why he was wrongfully charged. Bernie Ecclestone San Andreas District Attorney
  10. hi ludde you silly silly swede

  11. Ludde0987


    Hey @Rick C., At this moment of time we dont have any dispatch departments, what you can do is apply for the SASP. and if we do have enough troopers on you could hop into the dispatch channel, and play as dispatch, if you like that.
  12. Ludde0987

    What TV shows do you like?

    Suits EZ the best
  13. Ludde0987

    Favourite Car?

    c KTM X-Bow
  14. nice promotion, my one time hoi4 friend