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    Luka was born in Slovenia and moved to the USA (North Yankton) at the age of 4. He had a humble upbringing with his parents, an only child he always had a drive to help others. Luka is also a petrol head, he loves cars and motorsport. He loves fast and fancy cars and has taken some beginner performance driving courses with the cash he was making back home as a Tow Truck Driver and Mechanic in North Yankton. Tired of the cold and ice, he picked up his stuff and left to Los Santos....practically paradise, or so he thinks...

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

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      birth 🙂

  2. GopnikMedic

    Alejandro Hondo Gonzales vs. Corporal Luka Kovacic,SASPD

    I may not be available Saturday. I will update in the next 24 hours to confirm my availability.
  3. @Aidan Biden "I'm afraid you've been sentenced to death"