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  1. Laura Montoya - Expungement Request Full Name: Laura Tyler Montoya Date of Birth: 08-09-1997 Image of Laura Montoya: Photo of Ms.Montoya | Ms. Montoya's ID Last Arrest: 03/15/2020 Charges wish to be expunged: VC 2800.1 Active Warrants: Ms.Montoya has no active warrants on file. Ms. Montoya is available and willing to perform community service to facilitate this request if it is seen fit by the DO
  2. Gunner Raven - Expungement Request Full Name: Gunner King Raven Date of Birth: 06-22-1998 Image of Frank Luca: Photo of Gunner | Mr.Raven's ID Last Arrest: 03/09/2020 Charges wish to be expunged: PC 211(a), PC 207 Active Warrants: Mr. Raven has no active warrants on file. Mr. Raven is available and willing to perform community service to facilitate this request if it is seen fit by the DOJ
  3. GopnikMedic

    cop scene limit

    We've had this conversation in the community for some time now. It's been brought up multiple times. Regardless of how many people you may have participating in the crime, realistically depending on the severity of the crime you would have a very large IRL response. If you are committing armed robbery, you should expect a very large response just like you would in real life.
  4. It wasn't about being "Superior". You think it's fun or something to issue these permits? lol. It was decided by Fmr. Commissioner Snow and the Director that since we are the state agency we will continue to be the ones who can issue permits since those said permits are issued for statewide use not just inside of Blaine County. Also you may be sworn in as an LEO in the state but that does not make you a state employee. IRL or IC. You are an employee of the town, city, or county of the dept you work for. Hence jurisdictions.
  5. This was already covered before you arrived here. They are state permits, therefore they can only be issued by state employees.
  6. I may not be available Saturday. I will update in the next 24 hours to confirm my availability.
  7. @Aidan Biden "I'm afraid you've been sentenced to death"

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