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    Boonk Olee

    Bonker Langshlang

    Miran Maximus
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    Boonk Is from a Sub intelligent family. His mother couldn't write well so she gave up spelling his name and ended up calling him Boonk, though she pronounced it as "Book". Boonk has a brother called Kay and they have a tight bond, they are homosexual also and like to explore each other even though they hate incest. Boonk wants some money so he can flex on Boonk Wilson.

    Bonker Langshlang is chinese british dude, he has a brother and sister. (WIP)

    Miran is a Indian paper boy who got hit by a bus and doesn't know where he is after breaking out of a hospital. (WIP)

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    Discord: none fam Character: Boonk Olee, Bonker Langshlang,Miran Maximus
  2. image.png.3820d6333f17835096eea3f1bd631d7b.pngdis look like my grandmother

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  5. This make me strong

    1. Boonk Olee

      Boonk Olee

      shit i just got rick rolled

  6. yo what's yall ID, need to know, because i hit your car while go long time. Woo woo wee waa

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    I don't understand either
  8. Ey fuck you man, poking my ass.

  9. I don’t understand this, please help me with context?


  10. Who’s ya daddy... shame I died, now Kay has my gun