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    Boonk Is from a Sub intelligent family. His mother couldn't write well so she gave up spelling his name and ended up calling him Boonk, though she pronounced it as "Book". Boonk has a brother called Kay and they have a tight bond, they are homosexual also and like to explore each other even though they hate incest. Boonk wants some money so he can flex on Boonk Wilson. (Dead by Taxi)

    Bonker Langshlang is chinese british dude, he has a brother and sister. (WIP)

    Miran is a Indian paper boy who got hit by a bus and doesn't know where he is after breaking out of a hospital. (WIP)

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  1. Fuck crips

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  4. Boonk Olee


    Jezuz skeet skeet bang bang
  5. Boonk Olee

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    This is breach of first rule
  6. Boonk Olee


    I’ll fiddle your grandad if you question me, boy.
  7. Boonk Olee

    Adventures of Boonk on USARRP

    Seriously like I dunno it’s epic fortnite... but seriously dude stop taking my name
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  9. That’s incredible 

  10. SOme dudes report got roasted about the nword but my report is old and still not done

  11. Boonk Olee


    Sorry but animals including monkeys cannot be used in such way cuz I will get hunted by PETA
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  13. The last crip alive


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  15. Fuck Ben Dover seriously