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    He had a rough life growing up didn't know what to do and only had a few friends. He felt he needed to go to the military to set himself on a path and maybe be a mechanic after his service. He loved cars whether it was looking at them or working on them so being a field mechanic for the military would fit him right until he can figure out what she wants to do in life after the military. He struggled with the adjustments to civilian life once he was done with the military and thought maybe joining the force in a city he just moved to would be a good start and have a good job that he would be able to follow rules and regulations easily since he had to do that in the military.

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  1. raverie

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    Ryder King will accept this challenge.
  2. raverie

    Who wants a new computer?

    Don't need a computer, just a new graphics card
  3. raverie

    PD Repair Kits

    Maybe as an alternative, create a job within LEO departments that is just basically a mechanic. It would be specifically for the departments.
  4. raverie

    Evidence Laptops

    Can we please get a evidence spot at the Sandy Sheriff's Office. It is kinda frustrating that BCSO, no matter where they are, at one point to run evidence at MRPD. So we are always going into the city. Possibly getting spots of Paleto SO, Sandy SO and possibly the prison perhaps?
  5. raverie

    Evidence Laptops

    Can we please get a evidence spot at the Sandy Sheriff's Office. It is kinda frustrating that BCSO, no matter where they are, at one point to run evidence at MRPD. So we are always going into the city.
  6. raverie

    Paleto bank fix

    Or maybe to fix this issue about response times, increase the amount of LEO required to rob the banks. If there is 3 LEO's on duty and two of the are dealing with a person in custody, that leaves only one unit to go by them self up to a bank robbery which could have 4 people involved.
  7. raverie

    Combat Logging

    Maybe for this would be, if you log out being hurt you would lose the items in your inventory, kinda like seeing the light (losing cash, weapons, food, etc.. not phone and permits obviously)
  8. raverie

    Combat Logging

    Here is an idea to fix combat logging to an extent: Implement a system or script to check if a player is injured and make it so where you cannot leave the server without going to the hospital or getting a first aid kit. Basically it would fix people from logging out while downed or hurt.
  9. raverie

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Hunter Papani P-Number: P-323 When are you leaving: 12/20 When are you coming back: 1/3 Reason(s):FiveM wrongful global ban
  10. raverie

    Put a stop to the pointless gang wars

    Going off of this, I can’t tell you how many of my IRL friends have left this server due to Gunplay over Roleplay and this gang war shit. Like you can’t even walk five feet around somewhere if you are wearing a color. It’s gotten to the point where it’s honestly breaking IRL friendships up.
  11. raverie


    I have seen dispatch systems before, it can get very hectic at times when there is multiple calls and panic buttons being pressed, so it would have to be a very trial thing.
  12. I will probably not be able to make it due to SASP training and family related things. Do not know for sure.
  13. raverie

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: rave#4413 Character Name: Kelsie Papani
  14. How is everyone?

  15. raverie

    Hours played

    It says on the whitelist application to list how many hours I have on FiveM or "Source SDK", but it says nothing about either one in my steam library. Can anyone guide me to find how many hours i have on FiveM?
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