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  1. Mari

    cops v crim

    @Jamie, that was the first time we ever get flat out denied a free passage lol. Completely unexpected turn of events with a dragged out story line at the end. It turned out to be great RP. I believe that RP should be organic and not forced nor planned. There are many ways that a scenario can be played out, it doesn't always have to be one way which at times people tend to force in their favor, completely eliminating the experience other players can have. @Daniel04, I understand your concern when you are starting out, you have personal objectives you wish to achieve and money is your #1 focus. In the end, money means nothing if all you have is personal gain. Rick and I built an organization with strategy in mind for the purpose of providing RP to others. We are both natural grinders with insane work ethics but can put that aside and not make money for months just to see new people in the city gain RP and flourish. @Bro does this as well for others. In terms of the Cops vs Crim ratio, I can agree that at times the difference is excessive to the point that an clean escape is not plausible, but this is where genuinity comes into play. Recycled RP is not fun for everyone, cops get tired of the same free passage request and then a pursuit, it happens too often and at the end of the day it is a one sided RP for the crims. When robbing a place you need to go in with a preset belief that you will going to jail and won't be successful, this will only force you to create a unique RP scenario for yourself and everyone else involved. There have been plenty of times we have not been successful but what most important is that we laugh and have fun in the end even when it doesn't turn in our favor.
  2. Mari

    Feedback on my character.

    . Tabitha Rayne Knox has been around for some time now, how have interactions with her been? Generally pleasant to be around and overall helpful and friendly. When was Tabitha the most pleasant? Crip Momma Since my vote can't go through, I'mma just post it here. I've always had pleasant interactions with you, admired how much of a hustler you have been and how helpful you were with everyone, new people in the city and old. As an example, you always took your job role seriously and there were countless of times you would legit respond to our tow calls and did anything possible to help (even flying your heli to our off road vehicle) 😂. When we were at war with the Crips, we didn't have toxic interactions and just had our war when it needed to happen. Didn't involve yourself in drama on purpose nor did you try to ruin someone's RP for your benefit. You are a very kind and good RP'er and overall pleasant to be around.
  3. The RP in this server is mostly criminal and cops, having a underground medic will take the RP from doctors at Pillbox that interact with Criminals more than law abiding citizens.
  4. With the new system set in place, I think it's only fair to allow everyone that has a negative bank account to start fresh. Resetting all negative accounts will allow them the chance to prepare their funds in the event they go to jail. Removing funds from their home stash is highly unrealistic, I believe there are other ways the state can collect fines without having to magically remove it out of their house. 1. Allowing players to pay their debt through prison jobs (cooking, laundry, K-9 trainer, cleaning, waste collecting, ground keeper (mowing, gardening)) 2. introducing a Bail out system (a family member or friend can pay the debt on their behalf). This will create a Bail Bonds job within the city with bounty's set out for unpaid debt 3. Seizing Property to pay debt - This is where HCATT and GTF departments will come in as they are highly trained to execute search warrants, their roles will extend to seizure of personal property (vehicles being driven, this is including vehicles recently given to someone else, house properties will also be seized and given back to the state to pay off the debt)
  5. Your Honour, I suggest re-opening as the defendant has not been indicted or detained, therefore, a speedy trial is not required. The Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial starts with a formal indictment, arrest, or holding to answer on a criminal charge. (United States v. Marion (1971) 404 U.S. 307, 320.)
  6. Your Honour, We request that this case does not get dismissed. Rick Sanchez and myself have hired a lawyer and currently awaiting his next action.
  7. Mari

    Mari Gunz vs Meteo Di Nova

    @Aidan Biden I'm available weekday evenings until 12 am EST and anytime weekends.
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