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juan_snow last won the day on July 22 2020

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    Juan Snow
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    Juan - Had a Spanish mother and an Italian father. Was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Had a rough childhood in the city, and got involved with the wrong people. Eventually my mother died of cancer and it affected me greatly. I moved to Colorado to get away from everything. My best friend that helped me through high school (Ricky Tran), moved to Los Santos and wanted me to come live with him and start a new life away from all the bad juju.

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  1. juan_snow

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    Bring TS back. Cutting out would happen less. Randomly not hearing people wouldnt happen. People could play music for free for parties. There are so many reasons. Mini, please bring this back
  2. Im hungry. Whats for breakfast?

  3. High Fives to those still awake. Yal the real ones #LateNightGang

    1. Jamie


      Or the EU Crew

  4. juan_snow

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    If you made an illegal gambling spot, then how would the civilians in the city that are legal, gamble. Doing this basically makes it so that only criminals are allowed to gamble while the legal workers no longer would have the option.
  5. 1 Week. Wish me luck!

    1. KrownedGuardian


      good luck bruhderrrrr

  6. Its sad when 3/4 of the community DM's you and wants you back in the city but you have no say in the matter....All I will say is I miss you all and hope to be back one day ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. juan_snow


      Much love brother. Looks just like Hina's. She would be happy ❤️


    3. Kassidy Grey

      Kassidy Grey

      I know I haven't been in the city much on Kailynn but I do miss seeing you around on both my characters. I'm sure in time you'll be back :) Just stay positive. After all, you are the Juan & only ;) 

    4. Hank Hilliams

      Hank Hilliams

      Hope to see you soon man still missing you!

  7. juan_snow

    BCSO armory

    Yes, and please remove the Marksman Rifle from the BCSO armory as well. Snipers have no place in a RP server. If they do.....then please add them to the black market for criminals as well.
  8. juan_snow

    The People V. Zane McClain

    I am usually available later at night (EST). Just lmk and I will figure it out.
  9. juan_snow

    Rick Sanchez Vs Patricio Sanchez, BCSO

    Nothing really to see here. L-1(Sullen) and I were heading up to 10-99's (Panic buttons). On the way she had a code 0(head pop). I arrived on seen to see Jay Ross and Charleton already on scene. I saw 5 downed individuals. 2 were BCSO, the others were civilians. Later to be ID'd as Tony Matata, Rick Sanchez and Mari Gunz
  10. juan_snow

    Bradford V. Snow

    My sleep schedule is super wack rn so IDK when I will actually be available. Everytime im in the city, no judges would be. But definitely cant do this weekend. Leaving town friday for the weekend
  11. juan_snow

    Bradford V. Snow

    LuL this would be a criminal case, not a civil case........
  12. juan_snow

    Friday Fight Club


    Juan Snow down to throw hands
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