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    Appreciation Thread

    Alright, Alright so you guys already know I had to do this after this started. Julz was always my feel good character and I am trying to get Avery to that point as well! If you are not mentioned, please do not be sad, I promise you since coming to USARRP, I have gained so many amazing friends and I could not even begin to mention everyone. BUTTTT here are some applications for some great people ❤️ @MikeyGstrang ~ In a way coming to this server is what made us get back on track, you will forever be my big Brother. Even though we have been friends for along time, being able to RP as Julissa really solidified our Brother/Sister Bond. You mean the world to me and I will forever be thankful to have you in my life! @Schwifty ~ Charles… My bestie! Who would have thought that RPing would lead me to gain an amazing Best Friend that I know I can go to for anything now. Heck in 2 days I am flying to go stay with you and Shay ❤️ Our RP back when Julz was alive was always fun and rowdy. We had so many good times back when we were in the family, and those continued throughout our RP. Then the fun with Ally and Charles has always been a good time! I am finally comfortable on the Radio thanks to you and Mikey! @Pris ~ BBG, you already know you are my day 1 home girl online. Since we met, we instantly hit it off and I am so happy to be able to call you my little sis. RPing Sisters was some of the best times I have honestly had gaming, the Montoya’s against the world. I could go on and on about you but I shall keep it short and sweet. Love you lil sis! @OnlySlays ~ JUSTIN! Man oh man, you really had to call me out there with those 6 flips, I WAS STILL NEW AND TERRIBLE AT DRIVING THANK YOU! But like everything you said, I couldn’t agree more. Glad I get to call you my Canadian Friend! @juan_snow ~ Juan, you were one of Julissa’s first friends and even when you were supposed to hate me and not talk to me. You always had her back! That is something I will forever be grateful for! Our friendship was unlike most in the city, and I want you to know you made RP really fun for me back then! Stay Crazy! #CREWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @WPGDiaz ~ DIAZ, oh what controversy we caused when Julz and Diaz were a thing. Ex Criminal with up and coming Officer. We had many fun adventures of RP, lots of crashing…. Oops… But always good times! I am glad to call you one of my friends Mike 🙂 @Meda ~ From Hot cop Ezra to Leo the Crew member oh and can’t forget those Coke Boy Days, our RP has always been full of fun times! I am glad it lead us to becoming really good friends not only inside the city, but outside as well! @Hanna ~ You have easily become one of my favorite people I met in the city just due to your personality. Thanks for always being there for me in the city and out of the city! You are an amazing person! Never change your beautiful soul! @nyasuu ~ PARIS GOAT! Since my arrival into the city you always took care of Julissa and I will never forget how happy I was the day I got asked to be in the Family and you, Seoul, and London were all so accepting of me and later on Laura. Our RP times were fun! ❤️ @vlei ~ Mady…. GIRL DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Haha, thanks for always chilling in TS with me when I was bored. Fresh into the city and I was already thrown into being in a bridal party! Always good time with Wonton Soup! Always here for you girly! 🙂 @William Queen~ I have always enjoyed our RP whether it be on Julissa, Avery, or Ally. We have always had some good times! I appreciate you and our friendship! @Jr writer/Alonzo Harris ~ FUZZ. I love that you are who you are and you take no crap from anyone! Thanks for always being someone I can argue and mess around with! @Dos ~ You are one of the main homies, and always will be! @GopnikMedic ~ Kyle, Thank you for your friendship and being around to bounce ideas off of and you were super helpful when I was first a Mod for the server To the rest in the Family, you guys were some of the first people I ever interacted with in an RP scenario. Between the city against us all, to parties every weekend, and then crazy meetings and operations. You all are amazing people, and I am glad we all got the chance to get to know one another! @Delano @Kewin @StrictlyLogic @Ricky1cky @twosipbrandon @Aloox @Wuan2k @GomBiaN I am missing some, but I don't know their website names! @Charles Little ~ While although you and I have only recently started to RP with each other, I can never forget my lovely PA when I am on Ally who wants to give everyone IcyHot! I am so glad that the city has allowed us to become friends! 🙂 @Lucy Cole ~ Upon my arrival into the City, you reached out to me and were always around in my streams and helping me! I will always be thankful for the kindness you showed me my first few weeks around, you are the reason I try my hardest to make sure everyone in the city feels included and wanted.. Because that is how you made me feel! @XDESTROYX_TTV ~ RPing with you has always been a good time! Alien dancing will forever be the best memory! You are always out in streams talking and hyping everyone up! Not to mention the amazing work you do! Never change the kind heart you have, and remember to SMILE ❤️ @Ms Wickedz ~ BELLA BAE! Between all my characters we have always had some of the best times! Nothing can ever top the love Bella and Julz had for each other! Avery and Bella are a close second though! You are gorgeous girly! ❤️ @Nick624 ~ Another one of my new friends! Welcome to the city!!! Keep staying awesome! To the rest of the server! So many of you are amazing people! and I hope you all keep up the great RP and having fun! ❤️ Love you all!
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