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    Julissa Montoya & Ally Apricot
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    Julissa grew up with two older siblings ( Mickey Montoya and Laura Montoya) in the Bay Area who lost touch when her brother went down a bad path and her sister got sent to boarding school. So she was left at home with her mother who sheltered her from the world, to insure she didn't end up like her brother. Julissa attempted to reach out to Laura but she never really answered her, while Mickey kept semi in touch. He always called her his little Angel, but the past 5 years he has been a ghost. Now that Julissa is 21 she wants to get out there and make a name for herself, now that she is out of her mothers clutches. She has found her brother after years and is rekindling that relationship with him. Rekindling with Laura will be a lot harder, but with work and effort Julissa is sure she can make it work.

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    Name: Ally Apricot P-Number: P-105 When are you leaving: 07/04/19 When do you plan to return: 07/22/19 Reason(s): Vacation
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