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Xavier king

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    Xavier king comes from a wealthy family. Bord and breed to take over his family business. Xavier and his father never got along. Xavier always wanted to help people bring them up and hated to see how his father would walk over anyone in his path to get what he wanted. The last day he spoke to his father was when his father tried to have him lay off 300 employees so the company's profit manager would increase by 5%. Xavier wanted to help the people bring them up to give them a chance to succeed but under his father's finger, he could never be the man of the people he wanted to be. Fun Fact he Loves to jump in puddles

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  1. Xavier king

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    Hello, I will be unable to attend at this time slot. I may be able to be in the city 30 mins after the start. If a statement is needed from me prior to the court date you can find me at pill after 4:30 MT on most days