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  1. Pickle Rick

    Bank App on Phone

    They are talking about robbing a bank, and before leaving they deposit the money into the bank. Still doesn't really mean this can't be a thing seeing how doing that even without the app is possible and is against the rules.
  2. Pickle Rick

    Inventory weights?

    No where does it say the weight of items is in pounds, but think. How many cell phones do you need to put in your pockets? how many handguns will you put on your waist? so on and so forth.
  3. Pickle Rick

    cops v crim

    @Daniel04 You shouldn't look at everything for how much money you can get, but how much RP can you provide and try to build a story with it. Money isn't important at the end of the day, the RP you provide/receive is.
  4. Pickle Rick


    I can agree with pretty much all of these. The evidence locker one may be a little unrealistic but it would also be an almost impossible heist that would NEED to have planning to happen. Radios is something a lot of us have been asking to have for a while now, I do hope they come around. I STRONGLY agree with the 18+ suggestions though. My question is this. For criminal activities do you mean whitelisted gangs to have structure?
  5. If there is a way to not give the underground doctor access to /revive so only patients who are standing can get treated it would be cool. Because if someone is still standing after an interaction with a cop, they will wait at pillbox and just grab you once you go into the bed and cant move. If you are downed, you should need to go to pillbox because you took the L.
  6. Pickle Rick


    I really like this suggestion. Would add a lot more to do on criminal side of things, currently everyone just plants weed, does meth and robs the bank. Having more options for drugs or any criminal matter would boost the RP and give different directions for people to go. Drug addict RP as some may not like it could be a real thing with harder drugs like heroin and such being added in.
  7. Pickle Rick

    Persistent Ammo

    IDK how easy this would be to add in, but it would add another realism aspect and could help GP>RP when people actually need to buy ammo instead of just drop/pick up etc to refill the gun and continue to mag dump people.
  8. Pickle Rick

    Grace Period

    Maybe a little less than 2 minutes to keep the queue flowing but should have one for sure. All the non W/L players waiting hours and hours to crash before they even get to play. This would be a great addition.
  9. Pickle Rick

    Better beards

    yes, please
  10. Pickle Rick

    Increase gun prices

    Criminals buy pistols from the black market, if you do not have a valid firearm permit you can not buy from the ammunation but yes, there are some legal people that will sell weapons at their own risk to criminals, but will usually get caught once guns with their name start popping up and are not reported stolen.
  11. Pickle Rick

    Increase gun prices

    So, the prices of scratched pistols, automatic weapons etc. is fairly high, all are over 1000 automatics start at 20,000 which is a fairly high amount, as being a legal civ you would really have no need for illegal automatic weapons and stuff like that, the prices in ammunation are fair for them unless you just stock up and stock up on weapons.
  12. Pickle Rick

    Increase gun prices

    All depends what you mean by fucked, in which way.
  13. Pickle Rick

    Increase gun prices

    The prices do seem fine, plus people dont have a firearm permit long enough to pay the real price unless they are a legal civ
  14. Pickle Rick

    Whitelist outstanding

    I do agree there should be more ways to get outstanding then just being around staff, then it becomes a favoritism thing. Application/interview could work but doubt that would happen tbh
  15. Pickle Rick

    Whitelist outstanding

    Judge Outstanding, probably be abused seeing how judge characters aren't on their judges much. There is good RP in "gang gang meth and weed" if they are trying to be a legitimate gang/organization. I'm fairly sure there is W/L Outstanding around if you show outstanding RP as said on the Q/A not long ago. Granted if you RP more with the staff they will see it and if you don't well..just hope you get lucky I suppose.
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