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    Xavier Larson, David Wiese, and Jimmy Larco Jr.
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    Xavier Larson - Xavier Larson is a young man who escaped from a life of struggle and sadness in the big city. He ran away at 13 years old up to Paleto and now is a fifteen year old kid hoping to make it big doing whatever he can.

    David Wiese - David grew up in Paleto Bay. He had a nice family and had a lot of good friends. Then what seemed like out of nowhere a lot of drugs started pouring into Paleto. He saw multiple people including some of his friends die from these drugs. Now David devotes his life to saving people from the same fate that needed the life of his loved ones early.

    Jimmy Larco - Deceased, was shot by a Deputy after killing someone’s.

    Jimmy Larco Jr - Son of the deceased Jimmy Larco. Carried on the tradition of getting shot by the police and getting killed.

    Jimmy Larco III - Son of the dead Jimmy Larco. He didn’t care about his family because he was disowned for being gay. Now he is friends with a trap, Bruce Flakes, and together they bring hilarious havoc across Paleto.

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  1. SlaynXav

    Wot is better Dogo's or cats?

    that doesn't change the fact that cats are still better
  2. Dear @James / Miles Campbell The command staff has decided to deny this certification reqeust. If you decide to, you may again request certification in 14 days.
  3. SlaynXav

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: David Weise P-Number: P-20 When are you leaving: 9/5/18 When are you coming back: I would geussing in around a month. Reason(s): Need a break, feeling burnt out from RP.
  4. SlaynXav

    Timed out trying to connect

    Try clearing FiveM cache.
  5. SlaynXav

    I'm New just wanting to say Hi (=

  6. SlaynXav

    Player Sent To Morgue

    You can't use that character again. If he charecter is sent to the morgue he's dead. According to the NLR.
  7. SlaynXav

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: David Weise P-Number: P-50 When are you leaving: 8/13/18 When are you coming back: Unknown Reason(s): PC Hardware issues.
  8. SlaynXav

    Appreciation Thread

    @GlitterGlock19 For being the best fire chief and mum! @GreenDragon917 For being one of my favorite EMS bois, and telling me everything about fire fighting. @Mia For being the best event runner ever! @minipunch For being a 10/10 boi and developer. @[P-22][CO-113] Jack Haines For being one of the best EMS bois, and for being nerd. @Trevor Lahey For accepting my Whitelist application @Flottki For calling me out on how much of an annoying person I am. @Rimka For being best squatting slav, and the best boi to shoot cars with on Cassidy Trail. @John Ram For being the best boy to sell guns to!
  9. SlaynXav

    What TV shows do you like?

    Jessica Jones, Daredevil, The Punisher, Ironfist, and The Defenders
  10. SlaynXav

    Dirt Bike Race [D-BR]


    Enzo Pels - Racer
  11. SlaynXav

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord: Xav#8433 Charecter: Riley Weis Enzo Pels
  12. SlaynXav

    The Saturday Night Rally


    Riley Weis - Racer
  13. SlaynXav

    Hello everyone.

  14. SlaynXav

    Adventures on USARRP

    Not like I followed them
  15. SlaynXav

    always going bald?

    Sometimes I'll have that issue but my beard goes away not bald