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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12L34yOGOieeza0-0fdLqMJnKp_sMDSLBxbwbOXpF24A/edit Here's the google docs link.
  2. SlaynXav

    Best 2018 Memories?

    Hey hey hey, no need to throw shade on someone who wasn't me who made the original rules for DOC
  3. SlaynXav

    Best 2018 Memories?

    Jokes on you @Castle and I already planned it.
  4. SlaynXav

    Best 2018 Memories?

    Doesn't have to be RP memories. Just some good memories! ❤️ you all
  5. Name: David Weise Employee Number (CO Number): 255 Certification requested: FTO Training Reason for Request: I believe that the department could use more FTO's with the recent resignation of the Warden. I believe with me formerly being a FTO and Training a lot of recruits would make me a good FTO. Available Times: Weekdays 4pm - 10pm, Weekends 10am - 12am
  6. SlaynXav

    SASP Training Event

    Won't be able to attend on December 19 due to exams.
  7. SlaynXav

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: David Weise P-Number: P-20 When Are You Leaving: December 10 When Are You Returning: December 23 Reason: Exams For School, and I need to prepare and test well. Please don't put me on leave until then.
  8. SlaynXav

    SASP Training Event

    Might not be able to attend because I am eating Thanksgiving Dinner with my family tonight, since we are leaving tomorrow.
  9. SlaynXav

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: David Weise P-Number: P-20 When are you leaving: November 22 When are you coming back: November 29 Reason(s): Vacation over school break.
  10. SlaynXav

    Gotta say something

    You are mean
  11. SlaynXav

    Gotta say something

    this is my favorite RP server and Really my only RP server I play. Thanks for the good times and hopefully more to come Ediit: @Rimkahi
  12. SlaynXav

    Some of my "projects" on photoshop

    das ist gut. Photoshop too much $$$. How to get good photoshop?
  13. SlaynXav

    crypto currency MiniCoin

    I'll buy your company for twenty Bitcoin.
  14. SlaynXav

    AMR Training


    I might be there. There is stuff for my school's homecoming that day, but it might be changed.