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  1. Motion To Add Evidence, Exhibit 2C: Below is a picture of the Plaintiff's Aircraft License. Which was issued after this case was filed on the 20th of July.
  2. Motion To Add Evidence, Exhibit 2B: The record of the Plaintiff being admitted to to the hospital.
  3. Motion To Add Evidence, Exhibit 2A: Below Are Multiple Pictures of Mr. Gonzales's Motorcycle. Along with the photos of his Motorcycle are multiple pictures of him after his medical visit. You can see that in multiple of the photos his back is fully curved, even his upper back.
  4. Motion To Add A Witness, The Defense will be requesting to add Declan Taylor as a witness.
  5. The Defense will be making a subpoena of any medical check-ins after the incident along with any mental evaluations.
  6. Motion To Add A Witness, I will be requesting to add the witness Goose Middleton. He will be a professional witness for the defense.
  7. Request To Submit Evidence, The medical records from The Plaintiff's injuries.
  8. The 20th at 1300 EST should work for me.
  9. SlaynXav

    My character's gone

    USA 2.0 came out everything was wiped. There is a new economy and everything.
  10. To The Superior Courts of San Andreas, This is an official disbarment petition for the lawyer Jackson Drucci. The grounds for this petition are as followed: He has proven himself to be unfit to be a lawyer for the State of San Andreas in many ways. He was publicly fired from his position during one of his active cases (reference Terry Jenkins v. DOC). Along with this his client he was representing objected a question that was obviously leading the witness. Mr. Drucci did not himself object this, or anything else for the matter. He has proven that he does not know the proper way to gather evidence to make sure that all evidence gathered is truthful. He has done many acts that could of made him be held in contempt. An example of this is repeatably talk while others are talking, and even while the judge was talking. 4. He does not know proper court etiquette. 1. An example of this is after he was fired in the middle of the case he still stood where the Prosecution was standing, even though he was not part of the prosecution due to being fired. 2. Another example of this is when he intrudes on known private conversations while in court. I hope that you consider this petition.
  11. SlaynXav

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    Motion To Add Evidence, Senior Trooper Hailey Maxwell's Affidavit regarding the incident - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ChxNKyqsAnq6Z3MYUvhxZE9ypWvsgOgY2mQp_MUbqek/edit
  12. SlaynXav

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    Your honor, @Aidan Biden My witness list is as follows: Senior Trooper Jack Burton, Senior Trooper Hailey Maxwell, Probationary Sergeant Roberto "2.0" Hughes, Warden Vadim Vasiliev.
  13. SlaynXav

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    I should be available.
  14. SlaynXav

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    Mr. Drucci, @Kodak I'd like to point out that having PC 187 is simply a place holder attempted murder times two. If you get charged with attempted murder times two it comes out to sixty (60) months and a twenty thousand (20,000) dollar fine which is the same months and fine you would get with a PC 187 charge.
  15. SlaynXav

    Terry Jenkins vs. DOC

    Motion To Add Evidence, The Police Report regarding the situation, provided by Jack Burton - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KxmsTvsm8ABml8qUf9J-WiqNICpCACTI9I4S2vbEDlo/ , Jack Burton's Affidavit - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NRzxDhKWbFF4-IiTbGct5H0W96qrwCDrBSv0gxUZWnQ/ , Jack Burton's Trooper Information - Terry Jenkins's charges emailed to Warden Vasiliev by Jack Burton - Terry Jenkins's charges put inside of the SASP's Jail Calculator by Jack Burton - @Aidan Biden