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  1. SlaynXav

    Gotta say something

    You are mean
  2. SlaynXav

    Gotta say something

    this is my favorite RP server and Really my only RP server I play. Thanks for the good times and hopefully more to come Ediit: @Rimkahi
  3. SlaynXav

    Some of my "projects" on photoshop

    das ist gut. Photoshop too much $$$. How to get good photoshop?
  4. SlaynXav

    crypto currency MiniCoin

    I'll buy your company for twenty Bitcoin.
  5. SlaynXav

    AMR Training


    I might be there. There is stuff for my school's homecoming that day, but it might be changed.
  6. SlaynXav

    Better Liveries

    lol all up to you. does look nice though
  7. SlaynXav

    Better Liveries

    want to know what would be nice if AMR got some liveries
  8. SlaynXav

    Dont Bother Getting Unbanned

    Yes big man.
  9. SlaynXav

    Casino Nerfs

    Remove the Casino, the server hasn't gained anything from it except more people grinding money. It hasn't added RP either, so I don't think it's needed.
  10. SlaynXav

    Casino Nerfs

    Casino is way overpowered. Gonna screw up economy worse than it already was. Expensive items should be worked hard for, and not grinded for.
  11. SlaynXav

    Wot is better Dogo's or cats?

    that doesn't change the fact that cats are still better
  12. Dear @James / Miles Campbell The command staff has decided to deny this certification reqeust. If you decide to, you may again request certification in 14 days.
  13. SlaynXav

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: David Weise P-Number: P-20 When are you leaving: 9/5/18 When are you coming back: I would geussing in around a month. Reason(s): Need a break, feeling burnt out from RP.
  14. SlaynXav

    Timed out trying to connect

    Try clearing FiveM cache.
  15. SlaynXav

    I'm New just wanting to say Hi (=