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    Xavier Larson, David Wiese, and Jimmy Larco
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    Xavier Larson - Xavier Larson is a young man who escaped from a life of struggle and sadness in the big city. He ran away at 13 years old up to Paleto and now is a fifteen year old kid hoping to make it big doing whatever he can.

    David Wiese - David grew up in Paleto Bay. He had a nice family and had a lot of good friends. Then what seemed like out of nowhere a lot of drugs started pouring into Paleto. He saw multiple people including some of his friends die from these drugs. Now David devotes his life to saving people from the same fate that needed the life of his loved ones early.

    Jimmy Larco - An old man, he sometimes get in over his head and gets in trouble. When he was young he got hit by a softball on the neck, and because of that he has a very raspy voice. He’s a editor for Weazel News and loves investigating criminals, and sometimes that gets him in a bad situation.

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  1. When I bought it before the reset it was a buisness property, but I don’t know what exactly it is.
  2. SlaynXav

    Running fiveM on windows 7

    I did, but I can't launch it anymore. It says "It'll be worth the wait."
  3. SlaynXav

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Upvote cause cat?
  4. SlaynXav

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: David Wiese When are you leaving:11/04/18 when are you coming back: Unkown Reason: School, end of year exams. Taking a break to prepare..
  5. Taking a break for a bit. See you guys in a bit.

  6. SlaynXav

    Increasing Towing Pay

    I would say no, because yes, sometimes there is barley any cars. Sometimes however, there is a ton of cars.
  7. Would it be possible for Weazel News to get a channel in TeamSpeak? Just so when reporting we can know of the crimes and get pictures and information on scene instead of asking people after who might have an unreliable story.
  8. SlaynXav

    Resigning From USA R RP

    I'll miss you buddy
  9. SlaynXav

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    David Wiese - EMS If Time Allows.
  10. SlaynXav

    What is happening here?

    Seems like a deputy. @Grilled Cheese I think this is you. You wear those glasses.
  11. SlaynXav

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    David Wiese - EMS, will be there if time allows.
  12. SlaynXav

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    David Wiese - EMS If Possible
  13. SlaynXav


    They automatically are deposited into you bank account.
  14. SlaynXav

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: Xav#8433 Character Name: David Wiese Character Name: Xavier Larson