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    Tyler was born and raised in Big Bear, California. He spent his time on the slopes snowboarding with his friends during the winter. Not too long after graduating high school, Tyler decided to move to New York City to pursue a career with the NYPD. Tyler excelled in the department and quickly fit in with the command staff. Shortly after his promotion to Officer II, Tyler felt like he was still missing something in life. Tyler packed his things, said goodbye to the NYPD and came back to California.

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  1. life4vice

    Tony Matata v. John Spartan

    Civilians do not have access to dash cams as LEOs do.
  2. life4vice

    Ghost Papani - Name Change

    I will be APPROVING this request. Have your client reach out to the census board via #support on discord.
  3. life4vice

    Antonio Demarcus et al. v. John Spartan

    Noted. Thank you.
  4. life4vice

    Antonio Demarcus et al. v. John Spartan

    Could you give a brief description of what each link is for? Thanks in advance. @StrictlyLogic
  5. life4vice

    Justin Randy - Expungement Request

  6. new cover photo who dis

  7. life4vice

    DOB Change - Cas Roberson

    I will be APPROVING this request. Have your client reach out to the census board via #support on discord.
  8. life4vice

    Charleton Casino and Resorts

    The San Andreas Court Administration will be APPROVING this proposal. The price for this license will be $15,000 due to the profits the business will pull. Please contact a Judge to make this payment.
  9. life4vice

    Name Change Request - Jake Kerr

  10. life4vice

    Terry Jenkins Appeal

    Case Closed.
  11. life4vice

    Monrove v BCSO

    Plaintiff has since passed away. I will be closing this case.
  12. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Mr. Brown provided evidence of community service being served. Record has been expunged.
  13. life4vice

    Expungement Request-Noah Monroe

    Case closed - client has unfortunately passed away.
  14. life4vice

    Expungement Request -James Miller

    @Lexii I will only require 30 minutes of community service. @121P13Y Get in contact with a member of the LSFD and ask how you can help.
  15. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Sophie Georgia

    Ms. Georgia's record has been expunged. Commissioner Kovacic provided me proof that her community service has been satisfied. - Judge Clark