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San Andreas State Police
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    Alex Graves(RIP)
    Jeff Clark
    Ryan Stone
    Dallas Miller
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    Alex was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and at a young age, got a taste for thievery. When he was 15 years old, he held up his first gas station. He spent the next year robbing corner stores and burglarizing homes in the area he lived in. 3 days after his 16th birthday, Alex and some of his boys held up another gas station. After an off-duty cop intervened and stopped the robbery, Alex was sent to prison. After getting out on parole 2 years into his sentence, Alex got back into the game. For 4 years, he and his crew pulled jobs all over the province. One day, they decided to hit a bank in downtown Toronto. Only this time, RCMP were staged down the street, waiting for the crew to hit it. After a deadly shootout with RCMP and local police ended with one of his boys dead, Alex and his boys decided to split. Taking their shares of the cash, the 3 that were left said their goodbyes and made their escape out of the country. Alex decided to start over by moving to the land of opportunity.

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  1. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Sophie Georgia

    Ms. Georgia's record has been expunged. Commissioner Kovacic provided me proof that her community service has been satisfied. - Judge Clark
  2. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Oscar Wild

    Accepted. Record has been expunged. - Judge Clark
  3. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    The sooner we can get that on record, the sooner I can expunge his record. Keep me updated please. - Judge Clark
  4. life4vice

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Any update on his community service? - Judge Clark
  5. life4vice

    Expungement Request -James Miller

    Accepted upon completion of community service. - Judge Clark
  6. life4vice

    The People Versus Taylor Clark

    I'm on it.
  7. life4vice

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: Jackson&Taylor Clark Character Name: Jackson Clark and Taylor Clark