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    Jeff grew up in a military family. His father being in the Navy, he didn't get the attention a little boy needs from his father. Jeff grew up to be a bookworm. Spending most of his time reading history books. He went on to attend Law School at Texas Tech and graduated in 1986. Soon after, he moved back to his hometown and opened a law firm. His firm grew and was very successful. In 1999, Jeff represented Michael Fielding, a man facing life in prison for the murder of Bobby Sexton. Jeff was able to get him a reduced sentence and was compensated handsomely by the State of Texas. Jeff rewarded himself by moving to Los Santos and starting fresh.

    Tyler was born and raised in Big Bear, California. He spent his time on the slopes snowboarding with his friends during the winter. Not too long after graduating high school, Tyler decided to move to New York City to pursue a career with the NYPD. Tyler excelled in the department and quickly fit in with the command staff. Shortly after his promotion to Officer II, Tyler felt like he was still missing something in life. Tyler packed his things, said goodbye to the NYPD and came back to California.

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  1. new banner hype

  2. life4vice

    Adoption Agreement - Saquan Fox

  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KdaBOCpeRCeF5bAszpcjGVP7w-8Mx48pJVrTM5pxD30/preview
  4. life4vice

    Petition for Name Change: Brad Smith

    I'm going to be DENYING this request due to fact that the government requires middle names when a name is changed.
  5. The earth is a disk

  6. life4vice

    (Bench Trial) The People v. Alex Tazer

    The defendant was found guilty of the following charges: Penal Code 211(a) Penal Code 246.3 Penal Code 25850(c)(6) Penal Code PC 29800 Health and Safety Code 11392(b) 18 United States Code § 922(g)(1) Defendant was sentenced to 5 years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Case closed.
  7. I'd like to see more attachments available through the black market and police armories. For the armory, I'd like to be able to select which attachments I can use for my long guns. For the black market, I'd like to have the ability to mix and match MKI and MKII attachments.
  8. life4vice

    Custom vehicles

    I would much rather have lore-friendly police vehicles. This might help solve texture loss and stability issues.
  9. life4vice

    (Bench Trial) The People v. Terry Jenkins

    The defendant was found guilty of the following charges: PC 148(a) Resisting, Delaying or obstructing a peace officer PC 16590 Possession of a prohibited weapon VC 10851 Joyriding in a stolen vehicle Defendant was sentenced to 2 years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Case closed.
  10. life4vice

    (Bench Trial) The People v. Terry Jenkins

    Case accepted. Case will be heard by Hon. Judge Clark
  11. life4vice

    Appreciation Thread

    This thread is fucking beautiful.
  12. life4vice

    Appreciation Thread

    There are too many people for me to even begin to tag in this thread. Since April I've gone through a lot of things in life and in RP. I want to take this chance to thank @Luke for pushing me to learn case law. This sparked my interest in the DOJ and really helped me excel as a LEO. I also want to thank @GopnikMedic for always being supportive. In and out of character you've always been a voice of reason. @TatyrTot, thank you for being an all-around amazing role player and kind soul. You were one of my first true friends in the server. This is gonna come off as a "no u" but @Judge Declan Taylor has been another really supportive person to me and dare I say it, an all around good guy. I can't imagine where I would be if @juan_snow had never taken me in as one of his own a few months back. I've really enjoyed the company and I've come to love the group of RPers you've brought together. #CREW Here lately, @Mari has been my rock. She's been there for all the times I needed someone to vent to. @Pris, you've also been one of the few that I've come to when I'm in distress. You are always sweet and are also amazing with role play. @Miranda, I have really enjoyed working with you in the past few weeks. I've also been blown away by some of the RP you've created. You also deserve to be recognized for how supportive you've been to me as well. I can't thank you enough. Finally, @OnlySlays. I saved you for last. You helped me unlock a new level of RP I otherwise would never have thought was possible. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so open to letting me take some of the pages from your playbook. If not for you, I'd probably still be the mediocre role player I was 8-9 months ago. You helped me come out of my shell as a person and role player in this community. Tyler Black will be my most proud moment, and it's all thanks to you. From losing days of sleep doing research and meticulously planning murders, to bringing you up to the judges panel (on different characters of course for those of you that don't know him) to climbing the ranks of the BCSO. Justin, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you taking me under your wing. Thank you, truly. For the rest of you that I missed or couldn't fit into this thread, I have treasured my time here in this community and look forward to many more years of role play with all of you. I want to thank the staff for doing the absolute best they can to better this community and to hold a standard for the RP that we create. Once again, thank all of you for making this place truly feel like home. ❤️
  13. life4vice

    Jail time

    Reward the ones that give you good roleplay with reductions and be fair to everyone else. The penal codes are "at the officer's discretion" for a reason. If you want to roleplay as a hard ass and not give fair reductions, prepare to have a bad time interacting with criminals.
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