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  1. finally a living legend

    1. Brice Powell

      Brice Powell

      Indeed you are

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      Living legend 💖 lets make it just legend 🧚🙂

  2. hey whats up

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      give me clout so i can be at 100 rep k thx

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    4. Brice Powell

      Brice Powell

      @Agony2point0 boom Str8 CLOUTED 

  3. Agony2point0

    A change to the RDM rule

    Before I even typed out the title I could hear the "Gunplay over Roleplay" rhetoric being screamed at me but I beg of you, hear me out with this one. So the change that I'm suggesting is simple but difficult in practice. So I'll start this off by saying the current way that "Random DeathMatch" is being enforced is well, quite wack. For example, Gang leader A has declared war on Gang B and have been beefing for a few days. A member of Gang B catches a member of Gang A slipping, and approaches him to initiate roleplay for the inevitable shooting that is about to take place. Gang member B begins the conversatiom with a super cheesy and forced one-liner that really sets the tone for the conversation and OOC, the victim already knows what's coming. 9 times out of 10, no matter how much Gang member A tries, he can't negotiate his way out of that shooting. Naturally, you wouldn't give your enemy or rival gang a chance to retreat or to defend themselves and you shouldn't have to; as that would be against your character's traits. So, to remedy the really forced and half-assed "initiation" to the gunplay, staff should change how they enforce the rule. If a gang war is declared, then all of the roleplay leading up to that declaration should be sufficient. If 2 characters have been building tension and "beefing" over the course of a few days or few hours, as long as there is good and sensible roleplay leading up to the shooting/stabbing/et cetera, then that "deathmatch" would not be random as there is a story behind it. Now, I know that at first this would be abused and staff would be overwhelmed with reports and such so I can understand the hesitation if there is any. It would take time to adjust but then you would have to take an extra step to consider how your character or someone else's character would react to certain situations knowing that a retaliation without warning would be imminent. A smoother, more natural way to roleplay would emerge and there may even be a change to the attitude towards gunplay. After some time, the 10-feet tall and bulletproof characters would slowly evolve into more calculated and methodical criminals. Naturally, that plays hand-in-hand with the RP that cops are given. Smarter criminals means less "shit-lordery" and a better roleplay experience overall. This suggestion isn't a cure-all to lazy roleplayers that just want to treat the server as if it was GTAO. So let me make myself clear, I am not endorsing shit roleplay as an excuse to blindside someone you or your character doesn't like. That's not the roleplay anyone promotes or cares to be exposed to, I sure as hell do not. So I ask you, before you slap a "nay" or satirical emote on this suggestion I ask you to carefully consider the positives that could come of this and to kindly ask staff to discuss it.
  4. Agony2point0

    immersion o_o

    It takes some discipline and practice to really stay in character when it comes to going "AFK" but it can be done. Get creative.
  5. Agony2point0

    Bean Machine Business Proposal

    Approved. License to operate set at $10,000
  6. Agony2point0

    The People vs Brice Powell

    My schedule is wide open
  7. Agony2point0

    Papa Nico's Pizza & Italian Restaurant

    APPROVED. License to operate set at $10,000.
  8. new banner and pfp hype

    1. Coby


      Damn who took those pics, they nice af 

  9. Agony2point0

    Identity Theft

    I would like to have the ability to take or use other people's IDs. The possibilities are endless as to what kind of RP this ability could bring.
  10. Agony2point0

    The People Vs Jeff Sumting Wong

    The defendant was found guilty of the following charges: Penal Code 243(b) Vehicle Code 2800.2 Two counts of Penal Code 245 Defendant was sentenced to 4.5 years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary with a $18,000 fine. Case closed.
  11. Agony2point0

    Frank Luca - Expungement Request

  12. Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

  13. Agony2point0

    Hope Durrant Name Change

  14. Back on the leader board baby

  15. Agony2point0

    Hope Durrant Name Change

    Is the DOB correct?
  16. Re-filed due to clerical error. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1riKc7h30TvkiioI6U0uH8f7JEe5xyvejKwSMkd-tvlQ/preview
  17. hmmm, yes. the floor seems to be made of floor.

  18. Agony2point0

    Expungement Request - Syoung Gin

  19. Agony2point0

    Expungement Request - Keeton Mcgundy

  20. Agony2point0

    Adoption Paper Work - Ricky Montoya

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