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    Isaac Moore
    Tyler Gray (KIA)
    Jeff Clark
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    Isaac Moore was diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder and struggled with his alter ego for most of his young adult life. Shortly after his 18th birthday, Isaac discovered the truth about his parents. Outraged, Isaac's alter ego took over and he "blacked out". Isaac managed to escape the psych ward he was being held at and spent the next 4 years battling his alter ego. Isaac killed 6 people in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. Isaac ended up in Los Santos after discovering that his sister Evelyn, lived in Vespucci. Isaac stumbled into Vagos Alley one day and told his sister the truth about their past. Isaac has spent the last few weeks trying to find his purpose and to finally bury his dark past.

    Tyler was born and raised in Big Bear, California. He spent his time on the slopes snowboarding with his friends during the winter. Not too long after graduating high school, Tyler decided to move to New York City to pursue a career with the NYPD. Tyler excelled in the department and quickly fit in with the command staff. Shortly after his promotion to Officer II, Tyler felt like he was still missing something in life. Tyler packed his things, said goodbye to the NYPD and came back to California.

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  1. finally a living legend

    1. Brice Powell

      Brice Powell

      Indeed you are

    2. remyma666


      Living legend 💖 lets make it just legend 🧚🙂

  2. agony2point0

    A change to the RDM rule

    Before I even typed out the title I could hear the "Gunplay over Roleplay" rhetoric being screamed at me but I beg of you, hear me out with this one. So the change that I'm suggesting is simple but difficult in practice. So I'll start this off by saying the current way that "Random DeathMatch" is being enforced is well, quite wack. For example, Gang leader A has declared war on Gang B and have been beefing for a few days. A member of Gang B catches a member of Gang A slipping, and approaches him to initiate roleplay for the inevitable shooting that is about to take place. Gang member B begins
  3. agony2point0

    immersion o_o

    It takes some discipline and practice to really stay in character when it comes to going "AFK" but it can be done. Get creative.
  4. agony2point0

    Bean Machine Business Proposal

    Approved. License to operate set at $10,000
  5. agony2point0

    The People vs Brice Powell

    My schedule is wide open
  6. agony2point0

    Papa Nico's Pizza & Italian Restaurant

    APPROVED. License to operate set at $10,000.
  7. new banner and pfp hype

    1. Coby


      Damn who took those pics, they nice af 

  8. agony2point0

    Identity Theft

    I would like to have the ability to take or use other people's IDs. The possibilities are endless as to what kind of RP this ability could bring.
  9. agony2point0

    The People Vs Jeff Sumting Wong

    The defendant was found guilty of the following charges: Penal Code 243(b) Vehicle Code 2800.2 Two counts of Penal Code 245 Defendant was sentenced to 4.5 years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary with a $18,000 fine. Case closed.
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