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    so basically this forum is impossible to fillout unless u been here for awhile because how am I supposed to know a persons discord can't even get there name in the damn game I see if im not known then forget me and that's bull people out here breaking rules etc and u guys don't even care unless ive been in the city awhile to even know how to answer those questions its truly unfair to myself and all the other players all these systems etc for u not to really care unless I donated to u guys I saw the other 3 people u replied to as well and basically told the the same thing this needs to be addressed period again I can get warnings etc for towing a players car but people out here bluntly breaking the rules and everything else and u guys don't care unless I know everything about them how bought monitor the server better smh 4 times yesterday my stuff vanished cars money etc guess ill need screenshots huh to get my refund smh this is bs your server is killing the whole experience for not just myself but others as well
  2. Beanz


    so this morning I get on get into a shootout because a player tried to rob me the ems put us in ambulance the player got out because ems beat his buddy unconious and then the dude who I sht got out the ambulance drove the ambulance to his buddy and the ems meanwhile I still had to be admitted to jail this is bs I was just getting ragged on for illegally towing but this is ok I only have 1 players name and that is Sharkquin Fins and ems said his name was tom