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    Johnathan Davenport
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    Ex military, wide left and took the house. Johns, down and out on his luck finding employment, but keeps a positive mindset in hopes that something will pop up. John is no stranger to crime, but does his best to stay away from it if at all possible. John has skills he developed and learned during his time in the service, there have been times where these have helped him a great deal. John is also a social butterfly, he likes to converse but does not like to highlight him self. John does a very great job at manipulating people at times whether for good or for bad reasons. If someones feeling down, he will say the right things to bring them up. If hes in a pickle, he will use his word craft to his advantage to benefit from the situation. John is considered and above average guy, a great person to be around and only does wrong to those that do him wrong as well as those that deserve it.

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  1. copenhageman

    TOKO Voip

    I got it figured out
  2. copenhageman

    TOKO Voip

    Okay, So i followed instructions on website home page. Changed PTT in game to N as well as disabled voice. When I join wating room, it sends me to game lobby in TS. However, I do not have local muted, I have the blue ball and voip doesnt work at all in game. Any help would be appreciated