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  1. APPROVED. License to operate set at $10,000
  2. Pris

    Fawn Hobbs Name Change

  3.  updated the character backgrounds, why not? 🤷‍♀️

  4. smh my head.

  5. Pris

    Carson Davis - Adoption

  6. back to the katy perry pfp I guess ((:

  7. New Cover Photo because why not ((: @OnlySlays

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    Adoption Agreement - Saquan Fox

  9. Pris

    What have you been listening to recently?

    Lots of Juice WRLD and a good amount of Dua Lipa 🤙
  10. God my english is so bad oml ((:

  11. Pris

    Appreciation Thread

    Don't even know where to start but here we go I guess: @MikeyGstrang - Mickey Montoya baby. I have known you for like over two years now but you are the main reason I got into RP. Saw you and the boys playing it so I'm like hey, I want in on this. Little baby sisters, Laura and Julissa Montoya came into town to reunite the Montoya family and the rest is history. Love you to death dude, you will always be like a big brother to me. @reakinghavok26 Julissa Montoya baby. Again, I have known you for like over two years now girl and we came in the city as those baby Montoya sisters. We used to always start shit even though you wanted Julissa to stay more lowkey and legal in a sense. You always calling me a "lil hoe" and being a pain in Laura's side but always cared about her baby sister at the end of the day. Still heartbroken to see baby Montoya be gone but never forgotten ofc. Now Laura is Avery's sugar momma so let's see how this goes. Love you to death as well girl, you always will be a sister to me. @[A-2] Roberto Hughes Roberto Hughes. Dalton, first of all change your profile name like smh dude lmao. For real though, first people I truly RPed with and got to know OOC when I first started off. We went through a lot with both Laura/Roberto and Lauren/Roberto but there was some great RP memories that were made. Dont stop being the amazing guy you are, much love. @Schwifty Kali Strongheart, Charles Lee, Jason Stathom. You have to be one of the most favorite dudes I've met through RP. Love your vibes and personality dude, that being if we RPing together or playing some siege, always a great ass time. Love you like a brother and so glad I met you. @OnlySlays Justin Little, Elliot Shaw, Justin Large, Moose McKenzie, Blake Shaw. Our first RP moment together was Laura buying Justin a hammer and we went on from there. So glad to call you one of my best friends tbh dude, love us RPing together. That being Laura and Justin just chilling and being all cute with each other, Elliot and Laura being completely toxic to each other as Laura gets arrested or in some other shit or now Alexa and Blake, Power DOJ couple btw y'all. Don't know what I would do without you in my life tbh, love you bum ass. @nyasuu @vlei @alex_G2G Paris, London and Seoul - Argo Sisters. Y'all bringing me into the Family was some great ass RP, enjoyed the shit out of it. The stuff we planned out and Laura always looking out for them to make sure they were okay was always fun to RP. Even after Laura leaving the family, there was some rocky roads but at the end of the day I won't forget the great times we had together. @William Queen @GomBiaN @Delano @Aloox @Kewin @StrictlyLogic and the rest of the Family boys, y'all keep being amazing, much love to you all. @juan_snow Juan fucking Snow. John, to this day I remember that night we went to the top of that bridge to parachute off after you were heavily intoxicated. That was some shit dude lmao. I just remember the times Juan and Laura were straight chilling through all the negative shit happening in the city and you having my back through it all. Much love dude. @WPGDiaz Mike Diaz. Dude, first of all love RPing with you when we get into encounters with each other. It being Laura being a shitlord after she is being detained/arrested or us having deep talks talking about Julissa and such. You were the one to really post me to apply for SASP and I am glad I finally went through with it, I have really have enjoyed that side of RP more than I thought I was going to ngl. You keep being an amazing dude, love you so much. @TonyRiperoni Hondoooo Gonzalez. Tony, we been through a lot with our RP but our paths always cross with one another. Hondo and Laura just have that friendship that will never be broken it seems. Appreciate you so much and thanks for always being there for me. You are an amazing guy, don't change, love you man. @GopnikMedic Luka Kovacic, Jonas Keiser, Max W (cant remember last name right now lol). Kyle, just want to start off by saying thank you for all you have done for me tbh man. You were there for me when I was at all time low with RP and such and helped me through a lot of it. By far best RP moment was making you and Mikey 10-50 so hard in that 10-80, purple haired lady got away and then I talked all that shit on twitter. Loved what Jonas and Laura had though, some great RP memories were made and I will never forget them for sure. As well your graphics like god damn, so good for screenshots. But for real though Kyle, much love man, thanks for everything you have done for me truly. @life4vice Taylor. I know you and I haven't RPed too much but the times we have, its always been a great time. Thanks for taking me under your wing for DOJ stuff as I jump into that side of RP and us just dm-ing each random emojis or having great talks. I see you as a true friend of mine, have nothing but respect for you and love you so much dude. @Sam Smith Sam fucking Smith. Alex, girl like you are such an amazing person. Thank you for always being yourself and being there for me lately through all the negative energy. You always get me to laugh when I really need to and I don't know what I would do without you in my life truly. Also thanks for always supporting me, love you girl. @Pölkadöt Jessica Zamboni, Angelina Blake. Olivia, you really an amazing woman, you know that? Like you truly have been there for me when I really needed someone to talk to that being me dm-ing you or us doing a dance party on one of our video calls. Don't ever change because you are truly one of a kind. Love you so much girl. @GlitterGlock19 Madison Skye baby. Heather, thank you and the others for bringing me onto the staff team, truly been such a learning and great experience. As well I love how blunt you are and just you say straight up whats on your mind. You're amazing, love you girl. @Brendita Lisa Star. Brenda, you are so fun to be around and always good RP goes down when you are around. Also some facts real quick, Laura totally doesn't have a huge girl crush on Lisa but I will leave it at that lol. Much love girl. @Sandoril Kane Worthmer. Dylan, not all the RP moments we have had together have been the most positive and such but we have had some really good ones. Your RP on all your characters is pretty amazing and I see you killing it in the BCSO so keep it up dude!! @Jamie Scott Johnson. Jamie, when we doing Laura's ride along with Scott Johnson, like cmon dude? lol. No but for real dude, thanks for being there for me when I need it sometimes and my spam of dm's and just taking them in. I know I am a pain sometimes but you take the time out of your day to talk to me, so thank you. Much love nerdddd. @Miranda Melba Huckleberry, Miranda Right. Lily, first of all, your RP, like amazing girl. Its always fun when I get into encounters with you with that me being on Laura and you being on either Melba/Miranda. From Laura giving Melba shit about dating Roberto and such or Laura and Miranda having a serious talk about some shit. Don't ever change, you are amazing, don't ever forget that shit. Love ya girl. @TatyrTot Natalie Sullen, Evelyn Moore, Olivia Adams. Tati, you just play straight goddesses here on the server tbh. Always a joy RPing with you but gotta say favorite moment is the day you, @OnlySlays and I played all night on shitlord characters, shit was amazing. I hadn't done something like that in a long time and I didn't and still don't regret it whatsoever either. keep killing it with all the SASP work you put in and being the Crew Mom of course. Love you girl. @Ricky Jones Ricky Jones, Reece Jones. Ricky, pretty much the kid who is my son. You are such a chill and amazing dude to be around. Every time I RP with you, its always a great ass time and great memories are made. You truly are something but I love you so much kid, don't ever change. @Lucy Cole @Terry Jenkins @Hanna Thank you three for helping me with staff stuff when I first started and y'all being great RPers ofc, much love. @John Sheppard Ghost. Dude we were literally just dm-ing each other this morning and talking about the engagement of you lighting me tf up at the sandpit when Laura had her shootout with Shaw. Always a blast RPing with you for real man whatever the situation is, much love. @Corygu Gary Bones. Now we haven't had too many engagements together but I got to you a little bit a couple days ago when I asked for a bandage when Laura was literally standing next to the front desk to check in. Just Laura being a complete shitlord as per usual. Glad to have you on the staff team though man and keep killing it with BCSO, much love man. There is probably a good amount of people I am missing but to everyone else I have had interactions with on the server. Them being short and sweet or us building a RP experience, y'all keep it up. Much love everyone ❤️ - Pris
  12. Pris

    The Tinks' Van - Business Proposal

    I will be APPROVING this proposal. License set to operate is $5,000.
  13. You're amazing, don't ever forget that shit :))

  14. Pris

    Safe Zones

    Clothing stores are a safe zone if the individual(s) inside are changing inside.
  15.  Alycia Debnam-Carey, Brie Larson, Daisy Ridley, Katy Perry - All Goddesses oml 🥰

  16. Girl you know I'm far from perfect, I won't lead you on 💔

  17. Live your best life with no regrets. That's how it should be done baby ((:

  18. Oh hola 👋

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