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Everything posted by pris

  1. yooooo, blood gang 🩸❤️ @Em.

    amy and nicole - 1.png

  2. look at the view but that's not what my eyes be on, they be on the woman next to me ❤️ @Em.



  3. you already know the vibes 🤙


  4. the beach is the place to be, all I gotta say.



  5. sometimes it really be like that.


  6. big chilling. @Em. ❤️


  7. dj things ((:


  8. raid things :))



  9. that view 🥰


  10. Some things just aren't the same 💔 @Melba



  11. Back in 1.0, you were able to own a business and then you could put someone else on the lease. In my opinion, this should be a thing again. It really could bring some RP like have that more interaction with people such as if someone owns the dealership, they could collaborate with someone else who is on the lease. Such as when I try to get the dealership or the gun store and own it, I give money back to people in the form of discounts but lets say I'm not in the server and someone else in the server who is on the lease could be giving people their money back, etc. I have been talking to some p
  12. On the run 🤷‍♀️


  13. It is what it is.

  14. oh yeah, we aint going back y'all 😠 @Y0TA @Brayden S @roiice



  15. pris

    Bandage resets walkstyle

    This also happens when you do /bandage to someone else.
  16. It is what it is.

  17. Happy 4th of July loves ❤️🤍💙


  18. New banner because why not? 💜💛 @TatyrTot


  19. If you know, you know.

  20. pris

    The People V. Zane McClain

    Monday: Before 8 PM, After 10 PM Tuesday: Before 9 PM Wednesday: Before 9 PM, After 11 PM Thursday: Before 8 PM, After 10 PM Friday: Not Available Saturday: Before 6 PM Sunday: Before 9 PM, After 11 PM (Available times could change and I will try to update ASAP if so)
  21. pris

    The People Vs. Zane McClain

    I am available any time within the next 7 days other than the times posted below: - Monday after 7 PM CST - Tuesday after 8 PM CST - Weds after 9 PM CST - Thursday after 8 PM CST
  22. Oh hola. @MikeyGstrang

    1. Kian


      damn dude you rainbow gang gang 

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