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    Laura Montoya
    Lauren Galvan
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    Laura Montoya:
    Bay Area born, Texas raised.
    Laura started her life in the Bay Area with her older brother Mickey and younger sister Julissa. She had a pretty tight relationship with her siblings but was soon sent off to Texas to have a “better” life. She kept in contact with Julissa for a couple years with sending letters back home but stopped receiving any back so she finally stopped making an effort.
    Ending her school career, she went immediately into a relationship with her "first" crush and it turned out for the worst. She was left in the dust when her soon to be finance left her at the airport with 5k and a ticket to Los Santos. John had found out Mickey was there and knew she needed to get away from him because his past was starting to catch up with him. Laura was left heartbroken but onto a new road as she flew on the plane to Los Santos.

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