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    So Emanuel is a you kid from Chicago he did not have a father growing up so he wants to make a better life for himself so when he has kids he can be a good dad. He was a D2 football player but unfortunately in his sophomore year of college he was in a car accident that broke both his legs and shattered his left knee cap. So his football career was over. He went to school for the rest of that year but ended up not being able to afford it no more so he dropped out. He is trying to find a new home due to his mom passing due to cancer and he wants to go to los santos to find a new path in life. He wants to be a police officer one day since his uncle the only father figure he had growing up was a police officer. And he wants to help the community be as safe as possible any way he can.

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  1. Name: Demaryius Cole Employee Number (CO Number): 252 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle and Pistol Reason for Request: I believe that I should be able to use a CVPI and a pistol since I feel pretty good about my ability of knowing when and when not to use lethal force and so I can patrol the jurisdiction or even get to a 10-99 quick if I am only available person on duty Available Times: open