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  1. Bloom

    Refund Request for Guns

    my B i didnt realize i did it under bugs. will do!
  2. Bloom

    Refund Request for Guns

    Character Name: Dequavis Monroe Lost Items: Fully Upgraded AP and Carbine Requested Refund (In $): 245,000 Time/Date of Loss: Yesterday when I fell through the world and my car got Thanos'd Proof of Ownership (Screenshots/Clip): IMG_0288.HEIC IMG_0289.HEIC IMG_0290.HEIC Explain what led you to need a refund: So I was driving and at the time I was having Texture Loss problems (resolved). As I was driving I ended up falling through the world with my Carbine and my AP pistol in the trunk of my car. I tried to take a screenshot of it as I was falling but I was not able to
  3. Bloom

    Arrest Incident

    Discord Name (Name#0000) : Bloom#6742 Name of player been reported: Dylan Smith Time & date of incident: 5/2/19 18:04:55 Evidence to strengthen report: No Evidence Other players we can contact about the incident (Name#0000): None Explain with as much detail as possible the incident (include things leading up to and after): I was running around with some friends and an Officer approached me to stop doing a burnout on my bike. I did so but was pushed off by a random guy. He stole my bike and rode off. I went to chase after him and
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