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  1. Bloom

    Refund Request for Guns

    my B i didnt realize i did it under bugs. will do!
  2. Bloom

    Refund Request for Guns

    Character Name: Dequavis Monroe Lost Items: Fully Upgraded AP and Carbine Requested Refund (In $): 245,000 Time/Date of Loss: Yesterday when I fell through the world and my car got Thanos'd Proof of Ownership (Screenshots/Clip): IMG_0288.HEIC IMG_0289.HEIC IMG_0290.HEIC Explain what led you to need a refund: So I was driving and at the time I was having Texture Loss problems (resolved). As I was driving I ended up falling through the world with my Carbine and my AP pistol in the trunk of my car. I tried to take a screenshot of it as I was falling but I was not able to access it. So when I reclaimed my car when I got into the city today I went to the garage and took screenshots of my car inventory and my inventory to show I no longer had these items.
  3. Bloom

    Arrest Incident

    Discord Name (Name#0000) : Bloom#6742 Name of player been reported: Dylan Smith Time & date of incident: 5/2/19 18:04:55 Evidence to strengthen report: No Evidence Other players we can contact about the incident (Name#0000): None Explain with as much detail as possible the incident (include things leading up to and after): I was running around with some friends and an Officer approached me to stop doing a burnout on my bike. I did so but was pushed off by a random guy. He stole my bike and rode off. I went to chase after him and accidentally bumped into the cop. He thought I "assaulted" him in his word. So he started trying to taze me for "resisting". He kept trying to shoot me with the taser and missed continuously. I was super frustrated about this and ended up shooting him because of it. Was it the right move? No. Then out of nowhere, I get run over by the guy who steals my bike. The cop Visually sees this and says, "That's what you get." He is then revived by paramedics and takes me into custody. I ask him why aren't you chasing the guy whole stole and ran me over right in front of you? He replies saying, "Because you deserved it. He did the right thing." Once I'm placed in my Cell, I asked for my Miranda Rights. He said he didn't know what those were and I didn't need them since I wasn't being questioned by an officer for my crimes. Then he proceeded to read off 4 charges. Reckless Driving, Manslaughter, First Degree Murder, and Assaulting an officer. But I was only charged for Manslaughter (not complaining). I feel this experience was really unfair in the way it was handled and that the guy who Murdered me and stole my vehicle isn't being punished. Now my bank is also overdrafted because I was not billed $20,000 but 87.2K. I will also be issuing a refund for my money. I also would like the officer to be spoken to about what the Miranda rights are.
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