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  1. Tabitha Knox

    We need to talk.

    Not gonna lie, this post and thread got me in my feels and sad.
  2. Tabitha Knox

    Possible increase on prison time.

    Those people should be reported
  3. Tabitha Knox

    Possible increase on prison time.

    I have always wanted to have the same command to get out of the bed in pillbox to be applied to prison. I've had RP destroyed in prison because of the auto eject. We choose when we leave the bed at pillbox, the same should be applied to prison.
  4. Tabitha Knox

    Possible increase on prison time.

    With the brand new prison, and how no one is in solitary confinement. Could it possibly be time to raise the time to serve on many offenses as to allow for prison RP to exist? With the old prison having a lengthy prison sentences hindered RP greatly, though now it could promote it.
  5. Tabitha Knox

    More RP jobs

    I can see it now.. "Alright ladies, it's officially 1 hour past the Tsunami. It's go time!"
  6. Tabitha Knox

    More RP jobs

    With the amount of calls that come in through 911 it would be nearly impossible for someone to keep up and actually take calls. Radios are being discussed though so we may see them in the (hopefully near) future, they may not work well for a company though as they may have a very limited range. A lot of RP jobs you can just make happen on your own, just need to bw creative with the resources we currently have.
  7. Tabitha Knox

    fix these cars <3

    The front bumper mesh to the Elegy Retro Custom cannot be removed (remove license plate / off set license plate) allowing for the intercooler to be exposed. (this was possible in 1.0) We can still buy a custom intercooler but we cannot see it because of this. Interior of the Minivan 2 is always blue, unable to change the color. Roof option for the Bucaneer 2 should be added so that we can have whatever top we want every time we pull the car out.
  8. Tabitha Knox

    A change to the RDM rule

    I kind of feel like if this change were to happen then under this rule regarding gang war, no gang war may last any longer than 1 week real time.
  9. Tabitha Knox

    Civilian Radios

    I feel the radios would need to have more than a few channels. Channels 1.00 - 999.99
  10. Tabitha Knox

    Mayor Elections and Being Mayor of San Andreas

    Don't tempt me on making mayor related suggestions
  11. Tabitha Knox


    RP like this has to be consensual, meaning you unfortunately do have to meta this kind of RP. This isn't an RP you can just do and then see if it's okay or not later. Well Rawlo just had his tongue split and sewn back together so it could heal back to normal. The ear was almost completely lost forever though. He also had to have his kneecap completely replaced.
  12. Tabitha Knox

    Duplicating weed bud bug

    Sometimes when you drop something you'll still see it on the ground after you pick it back up but it's not really there. I've seen it happen with all kinds of items, especially vodka bottles.
  13. Tabitha Knox

    Really need help finding a specific someone.

    This is so entertaining to watch, I remember your character, I liked his nonsense.
  14. I've def tuned into your streams a few times. 👍
  15. Tabitha Knox

    Civilian Radios

    I got a 15-20 yr old walkie talkie that can access a few dozen channels and support easily dozens of people on the same channel that can reach like 10-15 miles.. What year is our server set in? Kappa
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