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    Me and my brother Brodey moved into the city in April, and we're here to make money and hangout with chill people.

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  1. Character name: Kade V. Robison Hey, so I was playing last night in server 1 when the server went down and everyone was asked to leave the city and rejoin, but when I rejoined my new vehicles that I had bought were gone and about 80k that I had in my bank.. I don't have any proof of what I had lost unfortunately but my brother was with me and he could vouge for me, his name is Brodey Howard. And a few people at our car show seen my Nissan gtr, but I don't know who they were. List of things I lost and there value: 1. Nissan GTR: 175,000 2.Upgrades for my Nissan GTR: at least 100,000 3.Maibatsu Mule 2: 52,000 4.About 80,000 in my bank I have read that a few other people were having the same problem, and I hope there's some way you guys can help me out; I really like this server and have put a lot of work into my character this past week to just loose it all. Thanks in advance.