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    Grew up in Alaska and decided to move to Los Santos to meet new people and start my own businesses/become an entrepreneur. My dream is to be a legitimate business man get married to a lovely lady and have children if my lady is accepting of it. A lot of what my life is about is very personal and can really only be expressed through means of communication through/with myself.

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  1. inorka

    So many Whitelisted

    There are hardly ever cops in Server 2. I spend upwards of hours on that Server just to have a few Officers stop in and take off after they're tired of every ones shenanigans. 4 Police and 4 EMS on server 1, one day and the queue was longer than there were people on server 2. I understand alot of shit goes down in server 2, and that's because it's being absolutely neglected. Businesses are being purchased by Server 1 normies, just to come over whenever they want cause they know they don't have to wait in queue. And since no cops are ever in Server 2, places can not be robbed making server 2 pointless alot of the time. I understand the RP is tremendous on Server 1, but if you're just going to neglect Server 2 day in and day out, maybe you should just shut it down. And if your Officers don't know how to divide and conquer, than I recommend more training. There was a time Roberto almost asked me to switch to server 2 cause no EMS were on duty there,I switched before he said anything to me and thanked me for switching servers cause he was about to ask me. That's called "taking initiative" and the residence of City 2 would really love it if your Officers showed that please. I did it as EMS, I expect nothing less from SASP.
  2. inorka

    Character Name Change

    I've been think about it and want to change my characters name from Anthony Palmer Elbbid to Anthony Michael Dibble. May I please?