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    Having grown up in Alaska for most of his life, which was no different than any other child. Hanging out with friends and getting into trouble every now and then, the only stress Tony had to deal with is the physical abuse at the hands of his own father. Not ever being diagnosed as stubborn as Tony is about himself, never saw a doctor of any sorts, but now suffers from minor hearing loss and a slight learning disability. He has little trouble retaining knowledge, but after some time can be helpful to any cause if given the opportunity.
    Tony has remained single for most of his life, only because most of the women he has been with were either manipulative or too good-of-friends to push that envelope further. He strives to one day have kids and make the woman he marries happy, then retire to a relaxing beach house on the West Coast of San Andreas. Friends are a key part of his life and after losing so many friends growing up to depression and suicide he's wanted to take more of an active spot in other peoples lives to either improve and/or solidify an alternative means to life.

    "Whether you hate or love them, want to kill or hug them, their job is done and you're safe." -Anthony Dibble
    (To sum this quote up, I would rather you hate me than hate yourself.)

    Between the ages of 26-36 Tony's life went down a pretty dark path after experiencing so much loss and the only way he could do that is by documenting his life choices. Being a fanatic of film and theater he constantly carries around mobile devices and GoPro's to capture any and all memorable encounters with anyone. Also he is no stranger to riding bicycle for primary mode of transportation as he has ridden for over a decade through hurricane force winds, rain and snow to get to his destinations. Tony believes he lives a rather unique life so his constant need to document is very apparent even though he tends to stick to himself out of force of habit.
    As the brighter side of life crept around the corner Tony took further initiative on his life and expanded his horizons by doing things he has never done before. By pushing his envelope he has learned many wonderful traits and skills along the way. Dibble tends to dabble in all sorts of culinary art choices from cutting and cooking all sorts of meats and fishes to desserts and salads. Snowboarding and Disc Golf are his all time passions and what he does to have a good time or relax. Tony loves to study mixing different types of drinks, but usually stands off and delegates tasks while hosting events for random occasions. Sometimes he can come up with very creative ideas that never get used and he feels his professional Muse days are over.
    In light of new opportunities as of recently he has accepted several jobs in the State of San Andreas. From Taxi'ing to EMS and hopes to one day be part of SASP and prove to everyone he has more than what it takes.

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  1. inorka

    So many Whitelisted

    There are hardly ever cops in Server 2. I spend upwards of hours on that Server just to have a few Officers stop in and take off after they're tired of every ones shenanigans. 4 Police and 4 EMS on server 1, one day and the queue was longer than there were people on server 2. I understand alot of shit goes down in server 2, and that's because it's being absolutely neglected. Businesses are being purchased by Server 1 normies, just to come over whenever they want cause they know they don't have to wait in queue. And since no cops are ever in Server 2, places can not be robbed making server 2 pointless alot of the time. I understand the RP is tremendous on Server 1, but if you're just going to neglect Server 2 day in and day out, maybe you should just shut it down. And if your Officers don't know how to divide and conquer, than I recommend more training. There was a time Roberto almost asked me to switch to server 2 cause no EMS were on duty there,I switched before he said anything to me and thanked me for switching servers cause he was about to ask me. That's called "taking initiative" and the residence of City 2 would really love it if your Officers showed that please. I did it as EMS, I expect nothing less from SASP.
  2. inorka

    Character Name Change

    I've been think about it and want to change my characters name from Anthony Palmer Elbbid to Anthony Michael Dibble. May I please?