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    As a child, his father and mother constantly fought with each other. His father being into drugs since Dos was born, Dos started to get physically abused by his father while he was high, leading to Dos being forced to be put face first onto a scolding hot flat top grill in his early teens.Dos recovering from his injury felt embarrassed to take his bandages off and after time had passed and the scar issue started to form, he cotinued to wear the bandages, or anything that would cover his face. As Dos got older he suffered a few more 3rd degree burns on his body. Dos's father became increasingly more aggressive, and Dos snapped, and attacked his father with a kitchen knife, grabbing several knives thrusting them into his back, until he fell to the ground. After killing his father he took his mother and flew to a new city, This city. Trying to forget his past and move to make himself and his mother better off. Dos now being 22, is starting to come out of his shell to be able to make money for his mother and along the way try to make new friends in this new city

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  1. Dos Pierce/Buck Wild

    We need to talk.

    Lot of people feel this way, not scared to get banned over the truth. Best of luck with your future endeavors TrashPrince.
  2. Dos Pierce/Buck Wild

    We need to talk.

    I've been in this community since April of 2019, I have seen a lot and I have met a lot of people. Most know me for being a nice guy those that aren't shitlords. Throughout my time here, there has been so much bullshit that's happened and every time something happens i have to just shrug it off like it didnt happen because the Staff didn't handle shit properly. I will say when i first started it was minuscule, but now very fucking different, i see people straight up RDM someone and get away with it, I've seen people meta so fucking hard and get away with it. The worst i have seen because i wou
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