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    Distritic Crews, Billy (Nasty) Long, Richard Brown
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    Distritic has seen it all, from the lowest of the lowest to high-end businesses. Knowing he can't trust anyone, he keeps himself very wary of the people around him, especially while on-duty. Raised in a drug-addicted family, he is keen to end all the drug operations in the county. Now climbed up the ranks and ready more than ever to commit himself to the city.

    Nasty Billy is a homeless drunk after an IRS mishap, he turned bankrupt and is now living the streets. From his previous family life, Billy is greatly orientated in major crimes and gun violence with his son which he drag down with him. Billy has lost his wife before going bankrupt in a police shoot-out accident. Ever since, he formed a very strong passion against the authorities.

    Mr. Brown is an amateur lawyer who originated from Vice City - a spoiled child back in the days, his father, a notorious businessman, shaped his future for the best causing Richard to live the high life without having to achieve much. A court case has caused Richard to move to Paleto Bay so he can protect his family; after a corrupt police officer issued a bounty on him when Brown presented himself as prosecution at the Supreme Court against the officer. Brown's family is in witness protection completely separated from him, causing him to be able to focus on his professional life.

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  1. distritic

    driverslicense still suspended

    What is your in-game name? Please note these suspensions take place in-real life days
  2. distritic

    Favourite Car?

    There's no other way:
  3. Executed search warrant at the Kalashnikov residence, found a load of contraband! 






    1. thatjdmlif3


      Well I guess I gotta give him more cash to supply his drug cartel

    2. GomBiaN


      My guns :( @thatjdmlif3 I need more money now, yes

  4. distritic

    BCSO Training Session - 26th May 2018


    Sounds good, as long as you can attend and stay for the important parts it should be okay.
  5. distritic

    BCSO Training Session - 26th May 2018


    Marked as unavailable.
  6. Behind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed. I think. I love. And yes, I can be killed. And although I’m but one man, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who are the same as me. They will lay down their lives for me. And I them. We stand watch together. A thin blue line. Protecting the prey from the predators. The good from the bad. We are the police.
    ~End of Watch




  7. distritic

    Off Duty Cops -where are they?

    Here's my stance on this. As mentioned before, it is most definitely the choice of the person if they wish to be on/off-duty. Some police don't really have much to do off-duty since committing crimes would result in a reprimand. Most we could really do, is try to find new people and make friends legally. This is something I'm sure everybody has a trouble attempting. I understand your point on all police living - but do you really "sleep" in your house at night? Do you really "eat" at your house or on the go? Do you go live in your home when you have nothing to do and just roleplay with yourself? It's not something anybody really does because it doesn't enhance roleplay at any point. I don't think anybody enjoys working for 24 minutes then going home and sleeping for the next 24 because it's night time and they have to go off-duty. We are all vulnerable, after all - we run to the BCSO. We don't spawn there. I've seen some deputies spending time off-duty. But some of us prefer to spend our time on another character off-duty since we can be a completely different person and do different things with more rp potential. We cannot force deputies to stay off-duty and waste their time - especially when we need more and more police actively on duty due to a player increase. When a person goes off-duty, it usually means they wish to play on another character or leave the server completely. If somebody is in a hurry, they won't wait 30 minutes before leaving the server after coming off-duty. I don't see much rp lost by police always being on-duty on their characters, if something - I see there is more rp gained from it than if they were forced to stay off-duty since they're being forced.
  8. Expect the unexpected, we're watching.




  9. distritic

    Car unlocking

    You sometimes need to relog when that happens.
  10. Good old days....


  11. I'm sure everybody in the BCSO and some criminals who tie people have experienced a person who is completely the opposite of compliant and regardless of what you tell them, they continue walking away until you are forced to drag them. This idea is something used on other servers, and it allows the police to handcuff somebody so they are forced to stay in one place and unable to move (that place being the place they were cuffed at or dragged to) This would be hardcuffing, and could be used only when necessary if rped out (e.g. shackles) without having to hold somebody and force them to walk around with you because otherwise they'd walk away. Then there is the softcuffing ability which allows the person to move around while cuffed. This would definitely reduce the amount of chaos and bullshit annoying people the deputies would have to deal with, and make somebody stay in one place as instructed. This could also be implemented when using rope and kidnapping people and would be two seperate commands each for using rope and using handcuffs: e.g. /sc (id) and /hc (id) or /stie (id) /htie (id) (being able to toggle between hard and soft tie for tying people) It also might be quite simple to implement.
  12. distritic

    BCSO Training Session


    I may place you on leave if you'd like me to do so, hit me up in DMs.
  13. distritic

    BCSO Training Session

    This training session will be ran by Lieutenant R. Crews. Please mark yourself attending unless you are unable to do so. All active deputies are required to mark their status pending the training. If possible, provide reasons as to why you cannot attend if that is the case. During this session we will go over some common practices which are thought to be improved on. This will also be another refreshment of previous skills mentioned in prior sessions, and learning from each other. The Command Staff will address any vital procedures or expectations which we may believe have been on a decline. We promote and encourage everybody in the BCSO to attend as it will be a time for improvement and is a great way to suggest your dedication and ethics towards our department. Once again, please remember to RSVP. Thanks,
  14. distritic

    Euphoria Physics engine

    Thats a single player mod, can't be used on FiveM
  15. You can run, but you can't hide.