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distritic last won the day on October 8 2018

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    Distritic Crews, Billy (Nasty) Long, Richard Brown
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    Distritic has seen it all, from the lowest of the lowest to high-end businesses. Knowing he can't trust anyone, he keeps himself very wary of the people around him, especially while on-duty. Raised in a drug-addicted family, he is keen to end all the drug operations in the county. Now climbed up the ranks and ready more than ever to commit himself to the city.

    Nasty Billy is a homeless drunk after an IRS mishap, he turned bankrupt and is now living the streets. From his previous family life, Billy is greatly orientated in major crimes and gun violence with his son which he drag down with him. Billy has lost his wife before going bankrupt in a police shoot-out accident. Ever since, he formed a very strong passion against the authorities.

    Mr. Brown is an amateur lawyer who originated from Vice City - a spoiled child back in the days, his father, a notorious businessman, shaped his future for the best causing Richard to live the high life without having to achieve much. A court case has caused Richard to move to Paleto Bay so he can protect his family; after a corrupt police officer issued a bounty on him when Brown presented himself as prosecution at the Supreme Court against the officer. Brown's family is in witness protection completely separated from him, causing him to be able to focus on his professional life.

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  1. distritic

    Force DOA Characters

    No one should be forced to kill their character after any scenario, but it makes a good story when someone does, which is what the server should aim for. The death of a character can have a big impact on not only its story but the stories of the characters connected to it, which doesn't really happen much nowadays. I feel people are scared of change or trying something new in a new environment, kinda sucks. In general, my idea in a goal of a character is to provide others with an immersive experience and add to each others stories. Some people may not be able to expand their chara
  2. distritic

    Then & Now

  3. distritic

    Co-owner saves when you disconnect

    I believe this might be a bug, either way we're not too far off the update so it isn't something crucial. Thanks! You can find the list of changes here: https://trello.com/c/64d8kUqc/597-usarrp2
  4. distritic

    My license plate keep changeing

    This is how car insurance works. If you lose a car and claim it, it will be a new car. Not the same one. Why? Because the car was lost, that's why it was claimed. If it wasn't lost you wouldn't have to claim it. When you lose a car, you lose the things in it. It's common sense. You don't get the same car back when you lose it... it doesn't magically reappear.
  5. distritic

    failed handsake to server

    The server was most likely restarting, best thing to do is wait until it's back up. It should be fine now.
  6. distritic

    Vadim Kalasknikov V SASP

    Case closed.
  7. distritic


    Business proposals are closed, please read the title and actual post.
  8. distritic


    Looking forward to meeting ya - we have a huge update dropping sometime soon, so stay tuned!
  9. distritic

    Luke NewMaker v. SASP

    Case closed.
  10. distritic

    Drug-Weapon Distribution Scheme

    Of course, but they won't get them for free lol? Everything will require effort, we want people to think twice before any actions - and value what they have. It won't be very hard to get an illegal firearm if you know the right places, along with the best ways to pay for it. That's something that requires a team effort which gangs can exactly put in. Again, nothing will be for free. California is very strict on gun laws, (which is where the server is based) and we fully want to support roleplay over gunplay. It's not fun for everyone to have guns and shoot each other all the time, since h
  11. distritic

    Drug-Weapon Distribution Scheme

    In my opinion, gangs should utilise the already available mechanics to traffic and sell illegal products between themselves. There isn't really a need of another mechanic for it. We aim to develop characters along with their stories, not cause total gang occupation with firearms. It adds to the aspect of gunplay over roleplay which we're trying to counter. As for the update: There'll be opportunities for more crime such as burglaries and what not, but nothing more apart from that. A lot will detail in the state maintaining power over the city, as currently it is a huge struggl
  12. distritic

    Better Liveries

  13. distritic

    Better Liveries

    @SlaynXav could do those too
  14. distritic

    Better Liveries

    Sounds good, I have the 2015 Charger already. I've sent you a friend request on Discord @minipunch I also noticed correctional liveries have spelling mistakes, I could work with those too
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