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    Finn "Roach" Hadvick was born on September 11th, 1997 in Vice City. He grew up in a more run down, trashy part of Vice City. He lived in a trailer where meth was being distributed daily. The start of high school really went down hill for Finn his freshman year. When Finn was only 15, his dad died in a robbery gone bad. Finn was very close with his father so when his father had passed, he did not know how to control his feeling which turned him into an angry kid. He even started doing more and more drugs. He still loved and cared for his mother but the bond that he had with his dad would never be replaced. Finn is moving to Los Santos to find better friends and start a better life

    Owen Baldwin was born on September 11th, 1993 in Vice City. Shaggy grew up in the nice parts of Vice City with the nice beaches and the big houses and even had a lot of friends. The first day of middle school, Owen saw Finn sitting by himself eating lunch and invited him over to eat. No one wanted to hangout with him because he looked dirty and poor but Owen was very welcoming. Owen and Fin have been friends since middle school, but they have recently no been in contact because of Shaggy and his passion of becoming a police officer. That is why Shaggy is coming to Los Santos.

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