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    Brandon Guillen grew up in a suburb named San Dimas outside of Los Santos with a poor family and abusive, alcoholic dad. He is one of two kids, his older brother Jonathan Guillen which takes care of the family while Brandon Guillen brings home the money after working two jobs. One day on Brandon's day off he was looking for a different job that paid more, when he ran into a mafia leader. The mafia leader ran a huge crime organization known to the people as "The Family". The Family leader took Brandon Guillen under his wing and showed him the ropes on gun smuggling, drug running and scamming. Brandon Guillen is still trying to learn the way everything works within the mafia and aspires to make a name for himself, while supporting his family. One day, word got out that he was working either with or for the mafia, so rival gang members put out a hit on him and his family. Brandon Guillen, with the position that he was in, moved his family to Los Santos to a nice town house in Mirror Park. This is just the beginning of the story for Brandon Guillen. With him being tested day in and day out to see where his heart is, and Brandon Guillen falling in love with the lifestyle, there is no telling what is in store for him.

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    Any military vets here?

    I'm currently enlisted in the ARMY stationed at Fort Stewart GA.