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  1. Character name: Brodey Howard

    Lost Items: $45,146

    Requested refund: $45,000

    Time/date of loss: Approximately 7:50 P.M Mountain time/ 6/9/19 

    Proof of ownership: Screenshots of before and after the crash

    Explain what led you to need a refund: Server crashed and backloaded causing me to loose all the items as well as cash that I had earned for the time before then since logging in. I have another refund that was recommended to be approved, is there any way that I could get these into one refund amount if everything is good on both? here is a link for the other if so. If not that's totally ok just trying to simplify things as I imagine you guys have more then enough on your plates. thank you so much and keep up the great work! (Total refund would be for $87,000.00)


    before crash 11.png

    after crash 11.png

  2. Character name: Brodey Howard

    Lost items: $42,160

    Requested refund: $42,000

    Time/Date of loss: 12:45 pm/ Mountain Time, 6/8/2019

    Proof of ownership: Provided pictures of before and after showing losses

    Explain what led you to a refund: Server connection/ server timeout causing disconnect and backloading me with money/items I had earned.483971565_crashreportjune8th.thumb.png.86fd62bcfb3b0484a602c64fa7a8d391.png


    Before crash .png

    after crash 1.png

  3. Character Name: Brodey Howard

    Lost Items: $168,484

    Requested Refund (In $): $169,000

    Time/Date of Loss: 12:40 A.M. 5/23/19

    Proof of Ownership (Screenshots/Clip): screenshots, before/after

    Explain what led you to need a refund: server crashed cause to backload and therefore I lost everything including the refund that I had just got in return. also had won some cash rolling dice but if i could just get my bank account that would be amazing. just REALIZED THE DATE WOULD HAVE BEEN TODAY, SO 5/24/19 BECAUSE IT WAS PAST MIDNIGHT. ALSO ALOOX YOU WERE THE ONE THAT HAD GAVE ME THE REFUND FOR 100K PRIOR TO THIS ALL HAPPENING.

    172k before crash.png

    after crash.png



  4. Character name: Brodey Howard

    Lost items: $100,000

    Requested refund:$100,000

    Time/date of loss: 5/16/19 7:00 p.m

    Proof of ownership: N/A

    Explain what led you to need a refund: Had been flying planes for a hour or more and during the last flight before the server went down I was mid flight when the server crashed. After reconnecting I looked into my bank account and noticed that I had only $30,000. Also had noticed that I had $834.00 on my person which was what I had when I had first joined the server for the first time today. I believe it loaded back to the start of the day causing me to look a little over $100,000.


  5. was just bearly flying for the past hour or so and I have 130k in my bank. we all got timed out and now I have 30k. Looks like it loaded back in time because I have $824.00 and that is what I had in my pockets when I first joined into the server today.

  6.  character name: Brodey Howard      Last night before the tsunami I owned all three of these vehicles as well as a sns pistol, a 30k home with 2k in the storage and some goods. I am now not able to drive my gtr, van, or dominator due to it saying that I do not own them when I go to file an insurance claim. would love to have everything back that I owned prior to the storm but if at all possible my gtr would be the main thing that I had worked really hard for and put a lot of time and money into it. here is some pictures of the cars and proof of that but I do not have proof of the house or guns/ personal items but I do have proof of all of my vehicles. Thank you and hopefully all of this can be solved. Happed to my brother kade Howard (motohead169) as well and he lost his gtr and belongings.

    garage proof of cars.png

    dealership insurance.png

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