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  1. love this city keep up the amazing work!😁

  2. Is there any lawyers that are in the servers? haven't been able to find one for the past couple of weeks 😪

  3. whats up everyone?

  4. Whos excited for the new city?? going to so awesome I love the community and server so much!


  5. Happy fathers day all them dads out there!😃

  6. Whats everyone up too? 

  7. Gosh I love USA! super stoked for the future and what will come!

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    2. Trouthead169


      haha do what you gotta do bud!

    3. Boonk Olee
    4. Trouthead169


      gosh I just got my refund yesterday then the server crashed!:(

  8. sure excited to pack up and move to the new city!

  9. Hope all is well for everyone loving this community keep up the great work!

  10. Was in the middle of processing sand and it said I was kicked for being afk even though I wasn't so I lost my whole van and also full of sand. now I cant get back in!

  11. Dang I'm hoping we can get a bigger city I'm lucky to get in to be able to play every night even with my passport:( I LOVE this city and cannot wait for all the new things as well as a shorter train hopefully!

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Trouthead169

    failed handsake to server

    thank you so much I appreciate it!
  14. The storm last night was crazy I lost of a lot of things anyone else have the same issues??

  15. I currently own these three vehicles and I am not able to file my insurance claims on them to be able to acquire them. was using them all just fine before the storm last night and I am no longer able to get them. Took me long days of working and a lot of time in the city to have these cars especially the gtr. really hoping to get them back. thank you
  16. I was in and the game crashed and so now im in a big waiting line anything I can do?

    1. Marcus


      There is sadly nothing you can do. Just wait in the que untill you get inside the game again.

    2. Trouthead169


      dang man too bad tahnk you though!

  17. I love it when I am in game and it crashes then im in huge list when I try and reconnect! gosh I need to get whitelisted so bad! anyway to speed things up? also what is the chances of me getting one? just wondering to all the OGs

    1. distritic


      Just be patient and hope for the best!

    2. Trouthead169


      thank you and will do!

  18. Hoping to get approved so I can be on the grind daily! sure do love the community and these servers keep up the great work it makes me so happy!

  19. Hello everyone my name is brodey u am newer to USA! Hope everyone is doing great