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  1. notnotshake

    Race Wars Business Proposal

    BET! So as long as I inform State employees of races and we do not close off roads. Also being organized in advance, we are good? Also, did my garage get approved?
  2. notnotshake

    Race Wars Business Proposal

    So....Its been a while!!! Any update?
  3. notnotshake

    Race Wars Business Proposal

    I, Bud Wieser with accordance of Bud Wieser Racing, would like to propose Race Wars. Please see below link with our hard copy business proposal https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vlp58I2I4YtjT6dqxkC6dIg9zlImsM-UP4wmqvLiA9o/edit?usp=sharing My goal is to establish a racing circle within the city limits of Los Santos. Allowing men and women, the chance to put their cars and abilities to the test. We are looking forward to your decisions and words. God Bless
  4. notnotshake

    Snake Dimitry Suspension Revoked

    Dear San Andreas Superior Court, My client Snake Dimitry has notified myself that he would like to have his Drivers License suspension removed on account of the below. Said incident occurred on 4.21.19 around 21:15 where he was the passenger in a vehicle. He was convicted of charges, PC 148(a), VC 2800.2 and HS11352. As he was the passenger in the car, his DL was suspended for charges described before. On what grounds did the arresting officer have to take his DL? We would like this suspension removed as he is in need of the Driver's License for work. He works for a Taxi company and cannot report to work with out a DL Sincerely, Jameson Youngblood - Youngblood & Sons Law Group