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Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

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    Jr Writer, Alonzo Harris
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    Jr immigrated to the city from a small poor island with a corrupt government his family were poor and he did odd jobs through out his town to get money and support his family. Until one day while doing one of those odd jobs jr was introduced to a man who was a gun runner and supplied guns to the local militia to fight the corrupt government. jr was offered a job by this man because he liked the way he worked as the months went by jr learned a lot about guns and selling them he got very good at it and word spread quickly through the island about his success. But not all the attention was good attention the local government found about how jr was supplying the militia and were not happy. They raid his families home looking for jr but they only found his family and eliminated them all to send a message. Jr got word of this and ran to his home to find his family slain, he went into a fit of rage swearing for revenge but was stopped by the man who got him involved in gun running he told him he needed to leave and got him the first ticket to the city where he needs to start all over to change his life.

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  1. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Pistol delay

    When you pull your pistol out and go to fire your first shot it does not fire as if the safety is on but its not super frustrating when your about to be in a shootout and you gun doesn't fire. Does not seem to affect autos only semi auto pistols
  2. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Limited gang size.

    I don’t think controlling the size of a gang will help with the cities issue. As stated before in your post this rule change has opened the flood gates for people to do what they want. Also @TrashPrincestated the leaders of these gangs pushing for quality rp out of their people. @TrashPrincecan attest for me that me and Bobby both push for our people to have good rp. Now with that being said people can only be fucked over so long before they just don’t care about rp. The servers administration need to become more strict with the rule breaks that are happening in the city. They need to have a u
  3. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    BROKEN NEW RULE ALLOWS FOR GP>RP with no consciences

    Yes the rule needs to be reverted it was a terrible decision to remove the interaction part from the rule. We really have lost the concept of what a role playing server should be this is not GTA team deathmatch. Some how tho we have gotten to that point. Its embarrassing that when new people who watch streams or first time getting in to the city that this will be there first impression of the city. This rule now has just added so much more fuel to the fire of the ooc salt that has been usa. You all need to take a big step back and reevaluate what you want this community to become because right
  4. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    +1 def agree this would promote fun rp and and give it a different spin on role playing
  5. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    FearRP rule addition

    I 1000% feel you on this but not having a nvl can be taken advantage of also I’ve literally had people tell me to shoot them because they don’t wanna lose what they have. If this is gonna be the case the word “realism” should be removed from usa’s name. Because there is no way in gods green earth I’m telling someone to shoot me in real life if someone tells me not to move or I shoot you while they run my pockets. It’s honestly laughable at this point because it happens soo much and just like the nvl is abused this form of rp is now being abused. And if any forms get abused the actors should be
  6. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Remove Headshots or make them random

    idk about making head shots random because the people who have good shots could get screwed in rp situation (example) cops breaching the bank they are already have the advantage with the armor and guns they have for free so if cops choose not to rp a situation and breach and you shoot at them and don't hit them in the head they are bullet sponges. Now a head shot on a cop avoids that bullet sponge effect and makes the playing field even for others. As for people with "sus aim" a lot of it stems from terrible rp and them continuing to violate the rules we all hear know the people with suspect a
  7. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

  8. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    FearRP rule addition

    10000% agree I literally had a guy the other day say shoot me im not letting you run my pockets and then after I shoot him he says "there you go just like that I wasnt letting you rob me" l then I report him for fail rp/ not rping injuries and here nothing about it. No one in their sane mind is gonna say shoot me im not letting you rob me. These type of situations need to be enforced more and heavily because people are not even trying to hide it.
  9. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    @GlitterGlock19@Isper@vikky33 thank you all for giving your opinions on this subject and i'm glad you see that there def should be some type of change regarding the prison and sentencing. I think when we have staff willing to have a dialogue like you all have just shown really helps make a more unified community where people do not feel that their idea or opinion is a waste off time and effort. Will people always see eye to eye no not even close ill be the first to admit I get a little spicy sometimes when I feel I/ or someone else is being wronged. Now is that ok? absolutely not and like vik
  10. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    @DawningDreamervery well said I couldn’t agree more
  11. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    Also anyone who comments on this I haven’t been rude or disrespectful to anyone here I just been tryin to have a narrative that we can discusses a issue. If you’re offended by this and feel the need to be rude or derogatory then remove yourself from the conversation. That goes for crims, cops regular members or staff because it’s unhelpful and shows that you are clearly immature and can’t have a civil adult conversation and you are part of the problem and not the solution 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    @stevenchasebrownoooo you a smooth mother fucker 😏😂😂
  13. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    But thanks for the input!🤙
  14. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    @stevenchasebrownthis is not a in city thing lol and your HR reports go nowhere for rp lol
  15. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris


    @Em. 1000% agree thats not rp and not fun when a cop does a traffic stop and get sprayed by a car full of autos terrible interaction. Same as a cop who insta tazes and cuffs no rp and not fun for any involved people need to tighten up their rp and remember this is a rp server.
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