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    Jr immigrated to the city from a small poor island with a corrupt government his family were poor and he did odd jobs through out his town to get money and support his family. Until one day while doing one of those odd jobs jr was introduced to a man who was a gun runner and supplied guns to the local militia to fight the corrupt government. jr was offered a job by this man because he liked the way he worked as the months went by jr learned a lot about guns and selling them he got very good at it and word spread quickly through the island about his success. But not all the attention was good attention the local government found about how jr was supplying the militia and were not happy. They raid his families home looking for jr but they only found his family and eliminated them all to send a message. Jr got word of this and ran to his home to find his family slain, he went into a fit of rage swearing for revenge but was stopped by the man who got him involved in gun running he told him he needed to leave and got him the first ticket to the city where he needs to start all over to change his life.

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  1. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    @Kladdkakan LOVE THIS IDEA!!
  2. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Add more items to house robberies/ vehicle searches

    I love all of that except a 100% alarm there should be a trigger for the alarm like hacking the security key pad after you lock pick the door with a advance pick and if you fail the hack then cops get a police call and the player could choose to stay and risk it or leave
  3. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Add more items to house robberies/ vehicle searches

    It would be nice / make sense to find stolen goods in house when you rob them obviously you wouldn't find them all the time but if you could find some every now and then it would add more to the robberies. Then you would have to sell the stolen goods to the local that already buys them. You could also make it very rare but maybe a random chance finding a sawed off shotgun or uzi something like that. Putting a safe in the houses to could add more to the home robberies where you would have to lock pick them and you'd find money, stolen goods, weapons etc.
  4. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Realistic Skins for guns

    We used to have a glock skin for the combat pistol and it looked super badass with a silencer and all done up. It would def add to the realism to have realistic guns you would see in the real world like m4s, Akm's etc. It sounds like a small thing but little details like that really enhance alot of things and increase RP story lines.
  5. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Removing people from vehicle

    I've notice when im on my cop that when im removing people from the back of a police cruiser using the hot key it is not working and saying no one is in the vehicle. I then have to do the /unseat (id) command to get them out
  6. The website is popping today 😂

  7. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Police Weapons [Adjustment]

    And with that point it gives the appearance that you are pro removing weapons off of the police. If you don't want people to criticize what you put on forums then maybe you should not post on them if your are gonna be so easily offended. 😂
  8. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Police Weapons [Adjustment]

    @Johnny-Sins "buy a carbine for 100k at black market or rob one off a cop" Not to be rude but i did and that's why i said it to make it a point. Seems like alot of people cry about cops and are mad because they don't get their way when they give minimal effort to rp anything out and get into a shoot out because thats about the extent of their rp
  9. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Police Weapons [Adjustment]

    @Sin this is a realism server police officer in the real world always have the upper hand hence why they do in the server. As for them pulling ARs out its been discussed during training multiple times on situations on when to use them. Crims can shoot autos from vehicles where police can not. All officers are trained to one up the level of force to use depending on the threat a criminal is presenting. example: crim has a knife officer pulls a gun. 2 crims have guns officer pulls AR
  10. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Police Weapons [Adjustment]

    @Johnny-Sins you can not remove any police issued weapons from police officers its against server rules
  11. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    being able change interior of primo custom

    i know it sounds super dump but you can upgrade and change almost every low rider except the primo custom with blue interior
  12. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Your honor with the following information that has been presented incorrectly for the 2nd time i request a motion to dismiss this case for filing a improper civil / criminal complaint
  13. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Your honor defense counsel would request to add Andre Woods, Pho Tet Nguyen to the witness list
  14. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Your honor since the sasp defense counsel has not responded to any of the following proceedings yet. I request that Lewis Gomez be removed from the witness list reason being that his testimony would be considered hearsay. Which in the court of law is not admissible evidence at trial. Officer Gomez was not on scene during the incident in question. So any information he acquired from the said incident would be acquired third party.
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