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    Jr immigrated to the city from a small poor island with a corrupt government his family were poor and he did odd jobs through out his town to get money and support his family. Until one day while doing one of those odd jobs jr was introduced to a man who was a gun runner and supplied guns to the local militia to fight the corrupt government. jr was offered a job by this man because he liked the way he worked as the months went by jr learned a lot about guns and selling them he got very good at it and word spread quickly through the island about his success. But not all the attention was good attention the local government found about how jr was supplying the militia and were not happy. They raid his families home looking for jr but they only found his family and eliminated them all to send a message. Jr got word of this and ran to his home to find his family slain, he went into a fit of rage swearing for revenge but was stopped by the man who got him involved in gun running he told him he needed to leave and got him the first ticket to the city where he needs to start all over to change his life.

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  1. You guys remember that @Aloox guy he used to be my friend

    1. nyasuu


      never met this person

  2. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    im available anytime on the weekend but m-f anytime after 6:00 pm est
  3. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    Officer alanzo Harris was also a witness
  4. Aidan you been slacking on our poke war😂

  5. Happy birthday my brother from another mother @Ricky1cky!!!!!



  7. Just want to say how awesome this server is and super pumped that ive made some dope ass friends in this city keep up the great work

    1. minipunch


      Glad you're enjoying your time here mate!