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Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

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    Jr immigrated to the city from a small poor island with a corrupt government his family were poor and he did odd jobs through out his town to get money and support his family. Until one day while doing one of those odd jobs jr was introduced to a man who was a gun runner and supplied guns to the local militia to fight the corrupt government. jr was offered a job by this man because he liked the way he worked as the months went by jr learned a lot about guns and selling them he got very good at it and word spread quickly through the island about his success. But not all the attention was good attention the local government found about how jr was supplying the militia and were not happy. They raid his families home looking for jr but they only found his family and eliminated them all to send a message. Jr got word of this and ran to his home to find his family slain, he went into a fit of rage swearing for revenge but was stopped by the man who got him involved in gun running he told him he needed to leave and got him the first ticket to the city where he needs to start all over to change his life.

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  1. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    being able change interior of primo custom

    i know it sounds super dump but you can upgrade and change almost every low rider except the primo custom with blue interior
  2. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Your honor with the following information that has been presented incorrectly for the 2nd time i request a motion to dismiss this case for filing a improper civil / criminal complaint
  3. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Your honor defense counsel would request to add Andre Woods, Pho Tet Nguyen to the witness list
  4. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    Your honor since the sasp defense counsel has not responded to any of the following proceedings yet. I request that Lewis Gomez be removed from the witness list reason being that his testimony would be considered hearsay. Which in the court of law is not admissible evidence at trial. Officer Gomez was not on scene during the incident in question. So any information he acquired from the said incident would be acquired third party.
  5. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    At 3:00am myself, [S-5]charles lee, [U-50]Andre Woods and [U-103]Lennos Hultman were working a search warrant and found our suspect at legion square. Suspect was considered armed and dangerous so all units were on high alert. When we arrived on scene at the legion garage their were multiple people on scene that presented a dangerous situation. We exited our vehicles and took our original suspect in custody. While we were attempting to secure the area and getting people to leave the scene we had two individuals refusing to leave the area. [S-5] then gave them orders leave or be arrested they then continued to argue with us and say they were not going to leave. At this point I walk over and tell them to leave the area again and again they refused. I then proceeded to pull my non-lethal option which was my taser i told the one suspect identified as Brad Max Smith to leave again and he did not he was then tased and arrested. As I was placing him in cuffs I began to be assaulted by his friend which was later identified as Pho Tet Nguyen he was one officer attempted to tase him and missed he was then tackled and arrested.
  6. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    policer report: 1994a81632cf65f5d39e4c3c577404f5
  7. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

    This case has had errors from the beginning when you said me and officer lee were bcso and filed the case against the bsco. This case should have been dropped for lack of correct information and false information provided by the plaintiff. Clearly this is a attempt at a money grab by the plaintiff, its is clear from the body cam evidence that they were there to start trouble and disobeyed multiple lawful orders to leave a very dangerous scene.
  8. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

  9. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Brad Smith vs SASP

  10. You guys remember that @Aloox guy he used to be my friend

    1. nyasuu


      never met this person

  11. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    im available anytime on the weekend but m-f anytime after 6:00 pm est
  12. Jr writer/Alonzo Harris

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    Officer alanzo Harris was also a witness
  13. Aidan you been slacking on our poke war😂

  14. Happy birthday my brother from another mother @Ricky1cky!!!!!

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