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  1. BigSuperX

    Appreciation Thread

    Thanks for the kind words man. I honestly appreciate it! Who knows? if the planets align(and hell freezes for a day)...maybe Bert will make a come back...
  2. BigSuperX

    BCSO Training Session - 26th May 2018


    I will not be able to attend training. Old friend is in town this weekend, and I need to catch up with them.
  3. BigSuperX

    Guns are too damn cheap

    I think raising the prices on the general and illegal fire arms might be the best way to start. I don't like all this longer suspension, point system, limitation to how many you can own(no t sure if that applies to legal or illegal or both)...etc. We are trying to encourage RP right? I mean so if you are going to try and be an arms dealer or something then being limited to how many you can own hinders that. To me it is a big deal to lose a illegal weapon, and in some cases a legal one. I don't take it lightly. As for another application....I don't see what filling one out for a firearms license would do. It's just another form for someone to look over and take days to approve, etc. I get the realism part, but I could really do with a little less bureaucracy... I like part of Mia's point 3 here: "Revoke gun licences for longer (two weeks) and enforce a re-application. " For me I would say if it gets suspended, you have to repurchase it. Pay the fee again. Heck, tack on a re-in statement fee if you can. Criminals seem to hate being nickle & dimed. I think 2 weeks for suspension n game is just too long.
  4. BigSuperX

    Kelvin Null requesting legal name change...

    Does anyone actually read these?
  5. BigSuperX

    Lets see that ink....

  6. In light of recent news...I Kelvin "Kelly" Null would like to have my name legally changed. Since I am a genetic clone of Bert Weirzbowski I would like my name to be changed to "Kelly Weirzbowski". Pursuant of the 7th Day Act, I am entitled to retain my current citizen status and property claims. Respectfully, Kelvin "Kelly" Null
  7. BigSuperX

    Resigning From USA R RP

    I completely understand. Good luck to you sir!
  8. BigSuperX

    Criminal Complaint: 41569-154a

    Here is additional information for the event that happened at LSC after the Clothing Store incident: "Okay, after the Clothing Store incident we went to LSC to hangout. I left at various times, and came back. On one of those times, Deputy Ashton was there in civilian clothes. Frank was there as well. Deputy Ashton made comments that all of the trouble at the clothing store was because Frank did not have any weed. Frank then decided he wanted to talk the Deputy in private, or just out of earshot, but Frank then said it was okay if we listened in. Due to what happened earlier at the Clothing Store. Frank & Deputy Ashton talked about the previous encounter. I advised Frank that I didn't think it to be a good idea to continue speaking to someone he was going to sue. Later in their conversation Deputy Ashton mentioned how no matter what happens in the court case HE would not lose any control over the city. He said something like "If you cause me to lose my job, I may not have the badge, but that means I can then do things outside the badge, and you're not gonna like it.." They continued their conversation and Frank reminded the Deputy about his job duties, and that he had taken an oath to execute them, etc. They then parted ways, I lost sight of Deputy Ashton. However shortly after, a single shot rang out and struck near us. Frank indicated that it was Deputy Ashton who was on the ridge near the gas tank/atm at LSC, and that he fired the shot, but missed on purpose. That was the last time I saw him that day/evening... "
  9. BigSuperX

    Criminal Complaint: 41569-154a

    I am Bert Weirzbowski. I was was riding in the Limo with Frank, Crhis, Yuri, Xavier and Edgar. We were near the bank and we saw a sheriff's cruiser turn around and start following us.. Somebody made the crazy idea to go and change into matching outfits for heck of it. So we pulled over at the clothing store on Paleto Blvd,(in Paleto Bay) and I stayed in the limo for a bit. I was the last one to get out. I noticed a police car that went around the limo and pulled into the alley to the left of the building. From The Limo , I witnessed the Deputy step out of his car and casually lean against it. he pulled something out of his pocket, and began to light it. As I exited the car, I could tell from the smell, he was smoking a joint. Frank pulled out his camera and started taking pictures of the Deputy and that upset him. He punched Frank, and Frank took off running, the officer chased him into the Clothing store and tazed him in front of us. After that, Deputy Ashton handcuffed frank and led him outside. Deputy Ashton @lazywoodz wouldn't allow any of us to follow along , he took him back behind the clothing store.. Once they returned from behind the building, Frank advised us that the Deputy had beat him while he was handcuffed, and had broken his camera. After this several of us requested for a supervisor and that's when LT. Ryder came on scene to take our statements... Even after these events, Deputy Ashton @lazywoodz continued to follow us around, and making threats..
  10. BigSuperX

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: BigSuperX/[U-112] Otto / Bert Character Name: Kelvin Null Character Name: Otto Ottman
  11. BigSuperX

    The Lost MC

    Thank you very much!
  12. BigSuperX

    The Lost MC

    Okay, let's see if the old man did this right: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NVYcRvbfPcuGOyMdg3t-zr9jd9m6_ohqXYqotc8qIX0/edit?usp=sharing Le me know if I missed anything or you guys need more info. Thanks!
  13. BigSuperX

    The Lost MC

    I would like to register the LOST MC as an official gang. We will be preparing our documentation for submission ASAP... Bert Werizbowski President Lost MC / Original 3