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  1. BigSuperX

    Appreciation Thread

    Thanks for the kind words man. I honestly appreciate it! Who knows? if the planets align(and hell freezes for a day)...maybe Bert will make a come back...
  2. BigSuperX

    BCSO Training Session - 26th May 2018


    I will not be able to attend training. Old friend is in town this weekend, and I need to catch up with them.
  3. BigSuperX

    Guns are too damn cheap

    I think raising the prices on the general and illegal fire arms might be the best way to start. I don't like all this longer suspension, point system, limitation to how many you can own(no t sure if that applies to legal or illegal or both)...etc. We are trying to encourage RP right? I mean so if you are going to try and be an arms dealer or something then being limited to how many you can own hinders that. To me it is a big deal to lose a illegal weapon, and in some cases a legal one. I don't take it lightly. As for another application....I don't see what filling one out for a firearms license would do. It's just another form for someone to look over and take days to approve, etc. I get the realism part, but I could really do with a little less bureaucracy... I like part of Mia's point 3 here: "Revoke gun licences for longer (two weeks) and enforce a re-application. " For me I would say if it gets suspended, you have to repurchase it. Pay the fee again. Heck, tack on a re-in statement fee if you can. Criminals seem to hate being nickle & dimed. I think 2 weeks for suspension n game is just too long.
  4. BigSuperX

    Lets see that ink....

  5. BigSuperX

    Resigning From USA R RP

    I completely understand. Good luck to you sir!
  6. BigSuperX

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: BigSuperX/[U-112] Otto / Bert Character Name: Kelvin Null Character Name: Otto Ottman