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  1. Kokopoo

    Underground Hospital

    If you want me to be completely honest, in a way id love this, but every criminal would just do this if a friend is able to help and that would take all RP away from doctors, there are different ways to do things and making this ''local'' aint going to help the situation. I have seen docs go rogue without them getting caught, you just got to do it right. think outside of the box
  2. There are many ways to RP things out In that situation you just got a verbal warning and not even a ticket so first you should be happy about that. I think its also just usually common sense about speed limits within cities in the US Your RP in that whole situation was 0 fun to deal with getting no reply after i went to my car was ''ok...ok...ok..'' when i was simply just giving you a simple warning, this doesnt even need to be a suggestion because its super easy to RP traffic stops ingame Cops have alot of stuff to do but sometimes it is that slow that we do Speed traps. Simple,
  3. Kokopoo

    Trucking Payed to Bank and not Cash

    I think it should stay as a into your wallet still. #1. People in debt would probobly not like to get it straight into the bank rather get it on the person to put into their house / apartment while doing the next route to possibly pay off their debt in chunks instead of slowly and surely and then not be able to survive. #2. you can easly make trips to the bank if you have a positive account no matter what route you go you almost always go past a bank on the way, if not you can always add 1-3 mins to your trip to put that away if you are afraid of loosing it. I see and understand why yo
  4. Kokopoo

    immersion o_o

    I personally use alot ''Meditating'' or ''in my thoughts'' for saying i need to be AFK instead of ''in my head''. i try the least to use OOC terms the least, if in vehicles i say ''on the dashboard''
  5. As of many cops know, some cams in stores dont work, possibly missing and in some banks there just arent cams at all, even wrong camera ID on some of them. I would like to see the cameras being fixed and add more to the ones that are missing. nothing more enjoyable but going to a robbery, and its the wrong ID or no camera at that place. and not knowing how many people are inside at all like ammunations and such that have no windows.
  6. Kokopoo

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    Like said here just above, the timer increase was not because of multiple people skinning one animal. it was because of the massive amount of money coming into the game with people focusing on making money instead of the initial RP. Hunting is a great addition to RP but you dont have to be all on one animal to get the great RP. The way hunting is right now it is Powergaming being multiple people on 1 animal. if you would want it realistic then it needs to be programmed so it detects hows many people are on the animal. because then it could split the meat into X many parts instead as it is n
  7. Me and Max are wanting to open up a Mechanic shop. work on cars and fix them with all kinds of repairs. Like Max states that we want to enhance the ''car'' scene https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ESDMfRc0AZNoZEqGuhXFeVfFyvH3F13SOEo3VnfBb6w/edit?usp=sharing @GopnikMedic is the Co-Owner (Max)
  8. Kokopoo

    Albany's Mechanic

    I know there was another proposal in a way simular to this but i feel like this is 100% mechanic, maybe later in the future an import shot for limted amount of import cars like Subary WRX and Nissan GTR's where there can only be X amount bought in the city at a time. to limit the import / custom cars https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K-9aQCPLARs-QuWv6LqQuxmcU8-zNmIQPNVOYxw9FRQ/edit?usp=sharing Here is the file, if there is anything you guys feel like needing to be changed / improved let me know, i have been wanting to do this for a while but never pushed it until now. I hope all of you j
  9. Kokopoo

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Elias Jayce P number: P-100 leaving: 24th September Return: 7th October Reason: Vacation to twitchcon
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