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    Kali Strongheart, Grandpa Joe, Charles Lee
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    Kali Strongheart was a bright happy kid growing up. Originally it was him and his mom through thick and thin because he's biological father never wanted anything to do with him. Then his mother met his step dad and he raised Kali as if he was his own son. Life was hard with his dad being in the military and his mom having to work so much, but eventually he had a little sister to look after so after his dad got out of the army they moved to a new state. Both of his parents were constantly working and he and his family were moving from apartment to apartment and school to school. Raising his sister was hard for him since he was a kid himself. Eventually as he got older he got in with a bad crowd and started selling drugs and robbing people to make money to get the things he wanted. One day he got busted with a bunch of coke and was given the choice of being sent to prison or joining the military. Seeing how far he's drifting in life he decided the military was the best choice to clean his life up and start a new and get away from all the bad influences he got himself in with. After serving 5 years in the Army and a rocky marriage that eventually lead to divorce he decided it was time to get out of the Army and see what civilian life has to offer.

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  1. Schwifty

    The people vs Tyler Black (The Devil)

    any day that isn't a wednesday
  2. Schwifty

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    an officer that was involved with arrest and witness to the crime isn't available until after 6 EST on weekdays
  3. Schwifty

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    I'm free anytime that isn't a wednesday