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    Mickey Montoya, Mikey Green,
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    Mickey Montoya:

    Born & raised in San Jose, California. Mickey was a troubled teen growing up. Coming from a abusive household of different men dating his mother, Mickey was consistently rebellious and getting himself into trouble at a young age. Kicked from his mothers house when he was only 13, his grandparents decided to step up and try to raise what they called the troubled child of the family. The move didn't help. Mickey continued to get in trouble at school and with the juvenile court system. As he started to get older, he started to experiment with drugs and gang affiliated life. At 15 Mickey joined a group called BHC (Bad Habits Crew). This group of friends committed crimes and sold drugs all over the Bay Area. He continued to spiral out of control and eventually his grandparents decided to give up on him. By 18, he was a homeless addict with his girlfriend at the time. Mickeys bad ways and toxic relationship brought him to the lowest point in his life. Eventually some crimes caught up to Mickey. A 1st Degree Home Invasion & Accessory to Murder charges were against Mickey after a crime gone wrong. His own girlfriend at the time snitched and turned her back on him to have charges against her dropped and to better her own life. At only 18 years old, he took a plea and did 7 years in Pelican Bay State Prison. While inside Mickey worked his way up to becoming a Shotcaller in one of the prisons white racial gangs The Woods. Hard to believe after his release from prison, Mickey stayed sober. With one thing on his mind, he handled the person who snitched against him and who he thought was his first and one true love. Laying low about it over the next year and making money illegally but smartly any way he could, Mickey decided it was time for a change. He heard about Los Santos / San Andreas while inside Pelican Bay. With nothing but a backpack full of some white tees and jeans, Mickey bought a bus ticket and headed to Los Santos where his story continues.

    Mikey Green:

    Your normal average joe guy. Born & raised in Santa Cruz, California. Mikey was your typical kid from SC. Surfed, skated, lived at the beach. He kept to himself a lot with a select few friends while growing up and in high school. Mikey was your all around good kid. Didn't do drugs, didn't drink, didn't really go to partys. Just loved to either be surfing or skating. Him keeping to himself made Mikey not the best with the ladies, but he had a few girlfriends and flings due to his awkward charisma and cute beach boy look. Nothing attachable though. Out of high school, he focused on schooling and living his best life surfing, skating, and spending time at the beach. Mikey attended Scotts Valley Community College for General Studies to eventually move to University of California Santa Cruz to study Marine Biology. He worked all kinds of odd jobs and struggled to pay tuition even with scholarships. By word of mouth Mikey heard that the local fire department had a training program to become a auxiliary volunteer EMT-B. He signed himself up for the program and after 3 months started working as a EMT-B for a local ambulance company while continuing school. After some deep thought, Mikey decided to leave school and pursue a career in the EMS field since he enjoyed it so much. After living in Santa Cruz his whole life, there came a point in time where Mikey wanted to venture out and explore a new city. Not only did he hear Los Santos had some great beaches and sick waves, he as well heard that Los Santos Fire Department was one of the best departments in the state. After saving over the last couple years working as a EMT, Mikey packed his bags and moved to Los Santos.

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  1. MikeyGstrang

    Civilian Radios

  2. Everyone has their own opinion and i get the sides to it. At the end of the day, this is roleplay. Negotiating free passage from a robbery with a hostage is what we do, that's how it works with roleplay amongst all servers. I do agree the same rinse and repeat can get repetitive, but for roleplay having a hostage to negotiate for free passage is just what what we do. With the things and supplies Criminals have to have to set up these heists (Pacific Standard, Fleeca, Jewelry Store), i never have a problem granting free passage because i know the things criminals have to do to get
  3. MikeyGstrang

    Civilian Radios

    /e bringiton. I stand for this and am behind it 100%. I think it is time..we could come together as a community to talk about how they should work. We don't know how well or bad they would be unless we try. I think it is time Civilian Radios are brought into the server. 👍
  4. MikeyGstrang

    immersion o_o

    In my opinion i don't have a problem with people saying "i need to go into my head" or "i need to be with my thoughts" because it is away to say you are going AFK in character. What i think needs to be changed is people talking OOC in the sense of saying "i do this or that spiritually"and having full on conversations IC that are OOC lol It doesn't bother me so much with the sayings "going in my head" or "going to be with my thoughts" cause even the biggest WLO servers use that as lingo for going AFK or walking away for a second. I do agree people could RP things out alot better saying what the
  5. MikeyGstrang

    Stricter Realism =/= Less Shitlord

    I think with the robbing of new people and just non stop robberies of people trying to roleplay or do legal jobs comes to it being cracked down on as Staff. It also comes down the the maturity of peoples roleplay and knowing whats the right and wrong thing to do. I think this comes from more inexperienced roleplayers as well or people who really just don't care about whats the more right thing to do lol Theres people who have been RPing here for a couple years now and still constantly break rules and make dumb decisions they know they shouldn't be doing. Sometimes the more experienced are the
  6. MikeyGstrang

    mechanic perks

    I think this would really treat to the people who have grinded tow / mechanic / being on duty for race events and etc. Discounted prices for upgrades to vehicles, as well as having a special repair kit only they can use off duty because they over 500 to 700 successful repairs. I like the idea. It really treats to the guys who grind being at RPG and former Mosleys, as well to the people who RP being a Mechanic.
  7. MikeyGstrang

    Civilian Radios

    I feel it's come to a time that we add Radios to our server. It is such a great feature to add for Civilians / Criminals. It promotes better Communication and set ups for high risk crimes as in heists, bank robberies, and other small crimes. Knowing you are able to Communicate with others in a different area at any time promotes people to set up and be more creative. I don't think in any way it would promote bad roleplay like some think, if anything it pushes people away to even thinking about using 3rd party communications (which we hope nobody does and is mature enough not to do after being
  8. Please like or comment on this status to give me clout. Thank you!

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