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  1. Ella

    Total New Prison (It's needed)

    I would 100% love a new prison. Please please please yes.
  2. Ella


    I think there's 2 reasons why people don't report as much as they should. 1. They are afraid of the ooc repercussions, as in they get targeted for filing a report against someone who's popular within the community. 2. They don't have a recording or enough evidence so it just becomes a headache of he said she said and then they just end up getting a warning. Personally I don't feel like white listing for gangs is needed, I feel like it's the leaders responsibility to set the standards of that gangs rp and if they don't maintain it the leader should also be held accountable along side the member who is under investigation, not the same punishment obviously depending on the severity but talked to and reminded they have to lead properly. Also white listing gangs in this server would be a lot of work you'd need a dedicated staff member just to focus on that and tbh it's a waste of resources and staff members time. I do however feel like the ratios need to change to 1v1 2v2 3v3 ect because where it's at right now of a 2v1 is kinda ass and I think the numbers game is a big part of what starts the gp>rp if there is equal people on the playing field it could go either way, if there is 6v3 you already know going in the 6 is gonna win and 1 or 2 within that 6 us going to be downed. I also feel like people should have to get out of cars to engage in a shoot out if the people they are engaging with aren't in cars because it's unfair.. I've been on both sides of that and tbh everytime we shot up a gang that wasn't in there car I felt scummy. If that's stuff the leaders or staff need to push that isn't up to me.
  3. Ella

    More emotes

    I agree.. I was watching someone's stream and they were on another server.. usually main this 1 but they were with someone who kept using a groin itch emote and pretended they had crabs and it was hilarious. More emotes would def open up the rp.
  4. Ella

    Real Estate Agents creating doors.

    A long time ago when I 1st suggested real estate it was for estate agents to put down the doors and charging people for houses was a lot like a ticket that way nobody gets their hands on the money. I think if estate agents do get the door controls then the charging them like a ticket should be implemented also to take the governments part of the money
  5. Ella

    Quick draw

  6. Ella

    More clothing for the people

    I agree. Having the clothes from the locker rooms available to civs would be dope. I don't need extra custom stuff.. just what's already with the game
  7. Ella


  8. Ella

    Chief of Justice

    Judge Taylor for Chief of Justice
  9. Ella

    Gang Gang

    I standby my statement of gangs need a purpose other then shooting up other gangs and people if that's all they really bring to the table maybe they need to reevaluate their set and figure out some rp, I agree that people should be more mature, should being the keyword. I think something needs to change though but recognize it's not entirely on the staff to regulate and micromanage everything they have so much to do already and it's all volunteer work, maybe we could come up with other ideas on how to reduce the gp / rp and extreme gang rp, I recall this being talked about a long time ago but how the cops and ems have training have a similar thing once a month for gangs, those trainings are fun as hell, have purp host them to remind people of rules and reignite ideas for rp and reinstall our values as a community to create realistic and immersive RP.
  10. Ella

    Gang Gang

    I feel like if you limit the amount of gangs and or members and make sure they approved by staff that it could highly reduce the amount of GP / RP, currently where its at anyone can join a gang or create a gang, the gang must have a purpose, run drugs, run guns, host events, sure that seems as if its limiting peoples choices but you don't have to be in a gang to be a group of homies running some drugs, I've been in a few gangs and gang affiliated in this server and for the most part they all just hype themselves up to go shoot up other gang members or people because they are bored, look at the gangs we currently have, what do they do, what RP do or did they actually bring, crips were known for VU events, car giveaways and holding down grove, purp hosted talent show events which were great which are very rare now, the outlaws run chem's, the family used to run big bank jobs and gun running, the coke boys used to try disrupt other gangs operations and run coke. I also think a big part of the problem is people don't seem to let things go when its time to and create new RP, there needs to be a purpose for a gang, what do they do other then shooting up other gangs or people, and if you don't know what that is, then there could be a problem there.
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