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  1. Ash

    Casino Nerfs

    The issue is being extensively discussed within the staff team, please continue to post ideas however it is something we are looking at.
  2. Ash

    Wot is better Dogo's or cats?

    They are entirely separate animals as such comparing them is stupid.
  3. Ash

    Rimka keeps muting me

    Purposefully trying to get yourselves muted will result in some serious infractions bois, let's not fuck around. Arta stop being a troll and we won't have an issue.
  4. Ash

    Appreciation Thread

  5. Ash

    Lost Specter and 302 Mustang

    Well if you require a refund you need to do it in the appropriate section, you won't be getting a refund from here.
  6. Ash

    Ban Appeal

    Ok for starters I'm going to need you to post your ban appeal in the correct section: https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/18-dispute-a-ban/ The Help & Support section of the website is not for ban appeals. Secondly, you're going to need to follow the template when you post: Make sure you post said template (with the filled in details) to the section listed above. Finally, if you're serious about getting unbanned we are going to need more than just "pls unban me" Thanks in advance
  7. Ash

    Help with donations

    Not a problem, I'll get you hooked up with your stuff now. Thanks for the donation!
  8. Ash

    pilot license John Abraham wants a pilot license

    This isn't something you just post asking for, you can fly a helicopter and plane as a civilian all you want but you'd need to get in contact with @D c to learn to fly for the BCSO. He will tell you to fill out the application form which can be found here: As for the EMS side of things, I'm not too caught up on the SOP for EMS so you'd need to ask @Rimka @GlitterGlock19 @Tyler
  9. Ash

    Benefits of owning real estate?

    Go to a property if you see a purple/dark pink circle you can check to see if it's up for sale, most of the properties in Paleto are already purchased so you might have to shop further afield but we are progressively adding more properties.
  10. Ash

    Benefits of owning real estate?

    So there are two separate versions of the real estate system, the one on the forum is for large buildings or houses that have not yet been implemented, this only comes with benefits exclusive to Roleplay, it's whatever you want to do with a property. The other system is an in-game mechanic, if you own a property you can spawn there, store items, depending on property store vehicles, have a number of outfits you can choose from rather than having to change to them manually via the clothing shop and also brings the added benefit of giving a place where you can legally call your own.
  11. Ash

    SASP Training Event

    All Troopers are expected to attend, those that cannot please provide appropriate reasoning to a member of command staff OR post a reply to the above calendar entry. Thanks, Sebastian Snow Commissioner San Andreas State Police
  12. I didn't say I did it cause I was tired as in sleepy I said I'm tired of dealing with the favoritism? And tired of the admins treating others like shit as in me, and I'm upset because I got killed 5 times tonight from ppl who didn't speak did they get banned no they gave them warnings to me that's unfair so that whole statement you took wrong just saying I wish you could go back and look at the abuse I get, cool if you wanna ban me for good just sticking up for myself and some others on the server! And when I said grow up I mentioned it as if you can punch me be expected to get hit back? If I walked up to you and started hitting you are you just gonna sit there?

    1. Ash


      You are once again missing the point. Please stop posting on people's profiles, there's a way to go about everything and you are doing it incorrectly.

    2. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      Ok well I guess I'm always wrong teach me the right way to handle it please?

    3. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      And tbh idk what point I'm missing? I just told you my opinion and how I thought it wasn't right but you continue to tell me I'm wrong! I just don't get it this world works on treat others the way you want to be treated right? So that's what I do, if you was to hit me outside this world I'd do the same as I did! Maybe I am wrong but I will always stand up for myself so maybe that's why I'm getting banned??

  13. Ash

    Reep. I am asking niceley

    I personally don't know if it's possible, not my area of expertise.
  14. Ash

    Reep. I am asking niceley