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  1. 🌊🛥️

    218_20210108170229_1 (3).png

  2. roiice

    Cayo Perico is able to be a thing

    Server barely can handle itself already in my opinion, so nah.
  3. roiice

    Vanilla Unicorn Construction Masterpost

    If it brings actual decent reasonable roleplay to the server, don't see why not. If it does get added, I just hope it's monitored fairly and the roleplay related towards the VU and the jobs actually make sense still, and isn't about making more money/money grinding for people, or it doesn't come to people abusing the system.
  4. roiice

    A State Sanctioned Militia

    Not this again... -1
  5. roiice

    Body Armor Improvement

    Body armor won't always protect you from every single bullet as some may go through depending on the weapon or body armor as it all varies realistically. I personally think how the body armor works now is great! It still protects you from going down faster as it's pretty much equivalent to having double the health, although the armor status bar goes down no matter where you're shot, thus it's balanced in my opinion. Anyway, when you log onto playing in the server, you're signing up to have to eventually sit in the beds of Pillbox especially if you're a cop or gang member as the amount of gunpl
  6. roiice

    Gun holsters after radio usage

    -1 I love the ability of using the radio and having your weapons being put away! It's a great feature in my opinion, and it's great for my realism and immersion!

    218_20201210190145_1 (2).png

    218_20201210190738_1 (2).png

  8. roiice

    Text RP.

    I feel that RP scenarios and IC things should stay in the server personally. If you want to text each other as if you're at "home", or in "bed", that's what the texting option on the phone is for. I'm not trying to have someone DM me a whole hate speech and then say OOC, "It's TEXT RP".
  9. Personally, I like the suggestion of more shit to the criminal and medical side, but as it's been said before and even shown everyday. Suggestions aren't really followed, they barely happen, and they're all just an idea/dream to this server. Therefore, good one! Love RP! 2:1 Cop vs Criminal ratio! Have a good day.
  10. roiice

    2v1 for Cops too

    This topic shouldn't even be continued as it's just made out of salt from being arrested. Don't even try saying "you care for RP" as this suggestion won't improve anything, and would most likely make it worse. If you get caught in a VIRTUAL VIDEO GAME of a ROLEPLAY SERVER, roleplay it out instead of taking it to the forums. It's really not that hard and doesn't need any other explanation. There isn't much "win-mentality" in cops, and from the looks of it, it just looks like criminals have more "win-mentality" from making suggestions like this. If you can't get away because you have a horrible
  11. roiice

    2v1 for Cops too

    nope, nope, and nope. Just don't do dumb robbery ideas, don't get caught, and implementing 2v1 ratios for cops to criminals shouldn't give you the motivation to provide better RP and robbery ideas. You should be doing that already, and don't blame the ratios of cops and criminals for poor getaways and ideas for robberies and criminal activity. Cops aren't trying their hardest to win, they're just doing what their job is.
  12. roiice

    Car crashing in passengers eyes

    welcome to the wonderful world of desync
  13. roiice

    Prison drugs

    Love the idea. Will it happen? Probably not for a long time. If you go to jail, make the best out of it. You don't need more in-game mechanics to RP, it helps, but you don't need it to RP. Hopefully you have a creative mind to make the best out of what you have, and if you don't, then sucks for you
  14. roiice


    -1 | That's what Gloryholes construction does pretty much, and although it comes with a price to tag up an area. It would be pretty hard, in my opinion, to implement a system where you can spray paint anything anywhere. If this system were to be implemented though (somehow), it would most likely be abused, and with the amount of immature people that are in the server. I wouldn't be surprised if penises were all over someone's gang territory.
  15. roiice

    The FUTURE for USARRP lets be Amazing AGAIN!

    +1 | I'll keep it short and simple. The RP has been "dying" compared to what it was like months ago or even a year ago. The quality of RP is piss-poor, too many people take RP way too personal and go OOC most of the time IC. The same type of RP is displayed everyday honestly, and it's become a rare occasion for good, quality, unique RP to even be a thing in this server. Coming onto the server and seeing the same crosshair bandits and gunplay "roleplayers" just put people in Pillbox is annoying and can be super tiring and bland. Also, this wasn't directed towards anybody, just my general perspe
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