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    Charlie Brown, raised in Sandy Shores and started off his career as a tow truck driver. After being hunted down by multiple gang members, Charlie soon shifts into the illegal work of becoming a supplier for others, therefore he would have protection if he were to be attacked again. Now he's a illegal business man who owns multiple underground businesses

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  1. roiice

    Emote Keybinds

    In the recent new emote menu, there's a 'Favorite' emote section where as I would assume it lets you bind one of your favorite emote out of the 300+ emotes, but this function was either disabled or it just simply doesn't work. Thus, I would feel it would be super helpful to have keybind emotes as it would be more convenient than having to type it out or scrolling through the emote menu.
  2. roiice

    Quantity of Grenade Objects

    So GTA 5 was built that you could hold a total of 25 of throwaway explosives like tear gas and molotovs. In the server, one molotov and one tear gas in your inventory gives you 25 total of each in your weapon wheel. In which, I feel that it should be changed (if possible) for it to be one molotov = one molotov in your weapon wheel as many people abuse the 25 molotovs and spam it in certain situations which is super unrealistic given the circumstances they're in, and once they're done with their 25 molotovs they just drop it and pick it back up giving them another 25 molotovs to chuck. Therefore, personally, I feel this should be changed.
  3. roiice

    robbing cop guns

    -1 Will be abused if it was allowed. There's a reason why the rule was made.
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  5. Lil Car 🚗


  6. roiice

    Fast Pull in Vehicles

    Whenever you're in any sort of vehicle, you get a fast pull for your weapons, therefore with this mechanic in the game. Many people have abused this mechanic in shootouts or certain RP scenarios. I feel that the pullout speed for weapons should be the same speed in vehicles as it is whenever you're out of a vehicle, because plenty of people abuse the fact that they can take out a weapon in less that three seconds.
  7. What a poke! Wow you're fast 😖

  8. Unfair Car 🤫

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  9. roiice

    Crafting Weapons

    This has probably been suggested a few times in the past, but I'm going to suggest it anyways. I feel that being able to craft guns would be amazing because right now the way to get illegal weapons is to spend it all in the black market which promotes a full on money grind as these weapons can get expensive. Which is why crafting guns and being your own black market would be great, therefore people don't have to constantly grind drugs all day and it would have more RP than spam "E" and "K" to package and sell your drugs. It's pretty much the same concept as crafting thermite. You get x amount of materials, you go to a location where you can craft the weapons like a bench, and you make these weapons. As a result, you can become your own black market that actually provides RP unlike the NPC black market where you just go at a certain time, spend money, and leave. Also before you say anywhere that relates to "you can already become your own black market by purchasing the weapons from the black market", I've done it myself, and after doing it for months. It just feels horrible having to constantly do this if you wanted to be your own black market. Please consider this if you haven't already as I think personally this would be a huge factor to criminal RP, gun dealing, and etc. Thanks
  10. Recently, I realized that you can't do a single emote in the vehicles anymore. I'm not too sure if this was done on purpose or not, but if it can be brought back that would be amazing. Not being able to put your hands up in a vehicle is a big factor to RP situations, for example, when you're put into a stop and the officer tells you to put your hands up, but you can't. Also, when you pull out your phone, your character use to look at it and have it out, but now when you pull out your phone it just stays stuck inside of your hand and your model doesn't even look at the phone. Therefore, if emotes in vehicles can be brought back that would be good.
  11. Beach 🏖️

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  12. STARS! 🌟

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    1. Misty



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  14. roiice

    Felons Owning Gunstores

    So I've been recently seeing multiple felons and gang members attempt and purchase the Ammunation. Which doesn't make sense at all because how can a FELON OWN a GUN STORE when they can't even purchase a gun legally themselves. Although, this is kind of pointed towards my character, and so I can purchase the Ammunation store easier. In general, NO FELON should be purchasing a GUN STORE... unless it's allowed? But in the end, still wouldn't be realistic...
  15. #JimmyJohn4Mayor!

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