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    James Ripley Miller, Steele Yumahni
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    Relationship RP isnt my cup of tea, so my characters are either gay or asexual.

    James Miller: Previously of GSF, James Miller was released from prison at the age of 22 after a sentence at the of 17 that landed him in a string of juvenile detention centers then eventually prison. Upon release James made his way home to Los Santos to make ends meet by any means neccesary. James respects gang members and the gang life, but will always avoid affiliation.

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  1. 121P13Y

    Miller's Misc. Services

    @Judge Declan Taylor Ive contacted Marc Philips of CBR, and he is currently writing up a contract for purchasing the property. Is this business legally approved to operate as proposed?
  2. 121P13Y

    Miller's Misc. Services

    Im out of the country until the 17th, and will contact an REA when i can, however i was told they cannot sell commercial properties. Thank you for your time, but i have to ask; why cant we do a 1.0 style property/garage, where the employees are given access similarly to co-owners of houses back then. Is it a coding issue, because 2.0 changed so much? It just seems weird that we cant make something we used to be able to. The outside container/company garage are kind of what make this business a business and not just me distributing items/vehicles to employees by hand. Not trying to come across as rude, but you have to see why I dont understand. Once again, thank you for your time
  3. 121P13Y

    Expungement Request -James Miller

    Has there been any specification of how much/what i need to do for community service? Like do I hang around legion and give people tours? Lol
  4. 121P13Y

    Community Reputation/Rank

    So I've yet to delve into the forums until recently, despite being around for ~8 months. I typically don't use the forums for anything but official applications, Im sure im not alone in this. So I thought this would be a good place to ask about Community Reputation and Rank as I couldn't find any other topic on it. Obviously its to represent activity on the forums, but my main questions are; In what ways can you increase your Community Reputation? When is a New Member considered a Regular Member? Is Community Reputation or Rank considered when reviewing the various applications?
  5. 121P13Y

    Miller's Misc. Services

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9BFotlQMTlvGWVwillH1fbMs2Qf41LfyQU1TY5jJW0/edit?usp=sharing Miller's Misc. Services is a Corporation that unifies various services to create a business model based on a crossover that corrects 2 problems in these services on their own, which holds them back from flourishing. First off, normally the biggest issue for something like Miller's Marketplace would be the supply/profit margin of the sold items. By unifying it with our Maintenance service, we take what others would leave on the ground and turn it into cash. Secondly, is the concern of staff, as solely being a "delivery boy" or "janitor" doesnt sound too appealing to anyone. By having a reliable and affordable Security service, we plan to secure a multitude of contracts, furthering our legitimacy. This public esteem, and legitimacy is more than enough to bolster an enthusiastic workforce. This business model is well thought out, profitable, and good for the community. Upon acceptance of a business license, I wish to purchase the property located in the attachment "Property Location" and operate out of it. With the full understanding that additional mechanics are the last priority of the devs right now, and being unsure of what floor plans and features are available, I want to request the following in order of my personal priority: 1)A company garage (Accesses vehicles like typical garage) location highlighted in attachment "Property Backside" 2)A storage container, location highlighted as "POI" in attachment "Property Backside" and further highlighted in attachment "Property POI" 3)An interior in which to conduct business meetings, door location highlighted in attachment "Property Storefront". 4)A backdoor access, door location highlighted in attachment "Property Backside" 5)Company garage to only show what is stored in this garage location, similar to house garages before 2.0 6) An additional storage container for the interior. (Or ability to access the same storage from the interior)
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