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    James Ripley Miller, Steele Umani
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    Relationship RP isnt my cup of tea, so my characters are either gay or asexual.

    Steele/James Back Story:
    Steele first arrived in LS as a child after his mother died, leaving his father sole custody. Jack Umani, Steele's father, is a Jamaican immigrant who became a head figure in the old GSF. Steele grew up in LS, eventually building a reputation for being a snake and thief. In his juvenile years, this was a fair assessment. Despite this fact, GSF took him under their wing, as hes Jack's son. Steele introduced his childhood friends to the gang life, including his best friend James Miller. The 2 became full GSF members by the age of 16, and by a year later they had paid for it. GSF was being investigated by FIBs Gang Task Unit. When they came down on the gang, young members Steele and James were used as scapegoats, as their juvenile records were temporary. They served the next 5 years in prison, over which time they were split up and dropped into several juvenile detention centers, then eventually jail. One day Steele and James caught the break of their life, and were selected to be part of a rehabilitation program. This program took offenders who committed their crimes together, and put them both under surveillance to only allow 1 of the 2 into San Andreas at a time.

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    121P13Y | Steele
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  1. 121P13Y

    The longest thread on USARRP

    Like this photo, or be sent back to Tuesday 😂
  2. 121P13Y

    The longest thread on USARRP

    This thread is like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going and... 🐇🥁
  3. 121P13Y

    The longest thread on USARRP

    Needed that, wasn't me before. I appresh'
  4. 121P13Y

    The longest thread on USARRP

    What kind of madness have I stumbled upon 👀
  5. 121P13Y

    Marker/Signifier for when AFK/"In Your Head"

    As @Garry Frankson said, having something constant over people's heads would crush immersion. I love this idea however, it just needs to be done right. Easy fix for immersion breaking is the signifier only showing when you hold f3. This would stop from shitty situations where someone HAS to go away immediately for a moment and pays the price because of OOC complications. I've seen prominent people like Terry Jenkins go afk at a club, while he was afk people were shitlords and attracted the cops, he came back from afk in cuffs. In that situation he didnt NEED to go afk, but many man
  6. 121P13Y

    Inspect Feature

    So initially this idea came from the need to check the serial number of a gun, in order to unsure the guns didnt get swapped with a friends when stored. It would be useful to have an inspect option when you right click items in your inventory. To keep from overloading the devs with work, majority of items could just have a line of something like "There is no inspect option for this item". However inspecting things like guns can show the serial number, whether the safety is on, or if the gun is hot from being recently fired. Eventually as suggestions come up and devs have the time, more things
  7. 121P13Y

    Miller's Misc. Services

    @Judge Declan Taylor Ive contacted Marc Philips of CBR, and he is currently writing up a contract for purchasing the property. Is this business legally approved to operate as proposed?
  8. 121P13Y

    Miller's Misc. Services

    Im out of the country until the 17th, and will contact an REA when i can, however i was told they cannot sell commercial properties. Thank you for your time, but i have to ask; why cant we do a 1.0 style property/garage, where the employees are given access similarly to co-owners of houses back then. Is it a coding issue, because 2.0 changed so much? It just seems weird that we cant make something we used to be able to. The outside container/company garage are kind of what make this business a business and not just me distributing items/vehicles to employees by hand. Not trying to come across
  9. 121P13Y

    Expungement Request -James Miller

    Has there been any specification of how much/what i need to do for community service? Like do I hang around legion and give people tours? Lol
  10. 121P13Y

    Community Reputation/Rank

    So I've yet to delve into the forums until recently, despite being around for ~8 months. I typically don't use the forums for anything but official applications, Im sure im not alone in this. So I thought this would be a good place to ask about Community Reputation and Rank as I couldn't find any other topic on it. Obviously its to represent activity on the forums, but my main questions are; In what ways can you increase your Community Reputation? When is a New Member considered a Regular Member? Is Community Reputation or Rank considered when reviewing the
  11. 121P13Y

    Miller's Misc. Services

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9BFotlQMTlvGWVwillH1fbMs2Qf41LfyQU1TY5jJW0/edit?usp=sharing Miller's Misc. Services is a Corporation that unifies various services to create a business model based on a crossover that corrects 2 problems in these services on their own, which holds them back from flourishing. First off, normally the biggest issue for something like Miller's Marketplace would be the supply/profit margin of the sold items. By unifying it with our Maintenance service, we take what others would leave on the ground and turn it into cash. Secondly, is the concern of staff, as s
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