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  1. vkas

    The people vs Tyler Black (The Devil)

    after 4pm for me
  2. after 4pm central for me.
  3. Motion to add a new charge: US 2331 - Terrorism
  4. vkas

    Request for refund of fines paid

    All charges against Mr Serious Lee were over turned by Judge Warren you can find the case here here is a record of the charges that were over turned Mr Lee was charged 7,000 in fines. I hope this helps the court. DA Holmes.
  5. Mr Justin Little wishes to represent himself in court. He told me his wishes when I last visited him in prison to question him about more details regarding his crimes.
  6. vkas

    The people vs Tyler Black (The Devil)

    Your Honor Mr Black wishes to represent himself. he would'v answered you himself if he can but he is in maximum security at the moment. He confessed to all his crimes but not sure what will he plea in court.
  7. Plaintiff: The People Defendant: Tyler Black Statement of Claim: On Sunday 08/27/2019 Mr Tyler Black was arrested and sent to prison for hold until trail. Mr Tyler Black (also known as the devil) confessed to all the charges brought against him. District Attorney office is seeking Death Penalty as the defendant is a very dangerous criminal who vowed not to stop killing innocent people if he was ever released out of prison. He said multiple times that he enjoys killing and it is his passion. Charges: PC 187 - (5 counts) PC 207 - (2 counts) PC 245 Witnesses List: Justin Little Alonzo Harris Charles Lee Charlie Brown District Attorney Abu Ali Holmes
  8. Plaintiff: The People Defendant: Justin Little Statement of Claim: On Sunday 08/25/2019 Mr Justin Little was arrested and charged with the following: PC 187 (x5) | PC 664 (187) x4 | PC 207 (x5) | PC 646.9 Justin Little plead guilty to all charges. Justin Little was then put behind bars for life with no chance of parole. After Further investigation DA office is bringing new charges and is seeking "death penalty" for the defendant Justin Little. PC187 x2 - additional two murders that were unknown before PC 664 (187) x2 additional two kidnapping charges that were unknown before Charges: New charges: PC 187 - Murder (2 counts) PC 664 (187) - Kidnapping (2 counts) PC31 - Aid & abet (5 counts) (Mr Justin Little trained a network of serial killers, only known confirmed person at this point is Tyler Black, he also instructed them to do the killing US 2331 - Terrorism (new charge, added to the case on 08/29/2019) Witnesses List: Charlie Brown Roberto Hughes Luka Kovacic Natalie Sullen Melba Huckleberry Katherine Victoria Black Pablo Escabar Corey Vreeland (no longer with us, rip) Jeremy Jackson Francis Festerson (no longer with us, rip) Julissa Montoya Jonathon Jackson Tyler Black District Attorney Abu Ali Holmes
  9. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    @Terry Jenkins Honorable Judge Sheila Berkowitz. I believe this case can be closed as Mr Damien motioned to dismiss this case and drop all charges brought against SASP Abu Ali Holmes District Attorney
  10. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    Witnesses: Serious Lee Charles Lee Alanzo Harris
  11. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    prefer weekend. can do weekdays. preferably after 4pm
  12. vkas

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    available after 4pm. prefer weekends but can try to work with weekdays
  13. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    Thank you Commissioner Snow. I will share the body cam footage here as evidence. Mr Damien I gotta be quiet honest with you. I feel like your client is not being honest with you regarding the events that took place that day. first he claims that he was charged for drug possession when he was not. then he claims the battery on police officer is a bogus charge because he claims he was shot before he assaulted the officer? the body cam footage is very CLEAR on the order of event that took place. Your client was clearly assaulting an officer before any shots were fired. All the officers involved in the situation showed GREAT restraint and self control. only one shot was fired, and it was definitely warranted. and to tell you the truth if more were fired to stop him from attempting to assault the officer it is absolutely fine. What kinda of man decide to assault an officer when he sees 5 other officers around him with guns drown unless he was trying to commit "suicide by police" If you still wish to take this case to court, it is your right. but I advise you to talk to your client and maybe drop this law suit. I hope your client at least pays you for wasting your time. he needs to get his story straight Abu Ali Holmes Assistant District Attorney
  14. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    it should
  15. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    @Radisma Can you email me the footage of the situation to help me better understand this case. my email is @Moe1474 Thank you