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  1. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    Witnesses: Serious Lee Charles Lee Alanzo Harris
  2. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    prefer weekend. can do weekdays. preferably after 4pm
  3. vkas

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    available after 4pm. prefer weekends but can try to work with weekdays
  4. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    Thank you Commissioner Snow. I will share the body cam footage here as evidence. Mr Damien I gotta be quiet honest with you. I feel like your client is not being honest with you regarding the events that took place that day. first he claims that he was charged for drug possession when he was not. then he claims the battery on police officer is a bogus charge because he claims he was shot before he assaulted the officer? the body cam footage is very CLEAR on the order of event that took place. Your client was clearly assaulting an officer before any shots were fired. All the officers involved in the situation showed GREAT restraint and self control. only one shot was fired, and it was definitely warranted. and to tell you the truth if more were fired to stop him from attempting to assault the officer it is absolutely fine. What kinda of man decide to assault an officer when he sees 5 other officers around him with guns drown unless he was trying to commit "suicide by police" If you still wish to take this case to court, it is your right. but I advise you to talk to your client and maybe drop this law suit. I hope your client at least pays you for wasting your time. he needs to get his story straight Abu Ali Holmes Assistant District Attorney
  5. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    it should
  6. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    @Radisma Can you email me the footage of the situation to help me better understand this case. my email is @Moe1474 Thank you
  7. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    updating my witness list: Witnesses: Serious Lee Charles Lee Alanzo Harris Thank you your honor
  8. police report is above. officer papani was not tasked with writing the report. if you want a personal statement from her maybe we can work something out. I dont know the list of troopers on duty at the time so I unfortunately can not help you with that. I am not sure as to why that matters if you have a police report saying lethal was not authorized. i believe you have enough witnesses for your claims unless you are planning a grand surprise in court room :-s officer Jones never made it to the scene, he called a crash over the radio. officer papani is your only witness at the moment along with the officer that opened fire on your client.
  9. Your honor my final witness list are Officer Sullen Officer Jackson Officer Papani @Deadringer. @TatyrTot
  10. vkas

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    Your honor I am trying to follow the leads given and failing to do so. I am not seeing Mr Noah charged with drug possession and very very confused with the fine reimbursement of 5,500$ ??? where did that number come from again? PC 243(b), PC 16590 *Arresting officer Trooper K. Lewis**Reduced by 10 months for time served* 30 Tessa Brookline 08-12-2019 23:50:26 A60476684 I am only seeing two charges here. he was charged 9,000 fine Battery on a Peace Officer 4,000 Possession of a prohibited weapon (includes weapons modifications) ,5000 Mr Damien If you need help with your client other records I would be happy to do so. but at the moment I am not seeing the drug charge on that incident. Abu Ali Holmes Assistant district attorney
  11. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    motion to add Officer alanzo Harris to the witness list @Jr Writer Thank you
  12. Motion to add officer Jackson and officer Sullen as a character witnesses. @Deadringer. @TatyrTot
  13. Your honor I want the record to show that I questioned Mr Gambino before his last motion about the PTSD claim and told him that I will be requesting some proof of treatment and the cost of that treatment. his motion is a work around the fact that his previous claim of 18,000$ for treatment is totally unsubstantiated. also how convenient it is to the move the majority of your relief claim to a gray area called pain and suffering. Thank you your honor Holmes
  14. vkas

    Appeal: Serious Lee (Warren & Taylor)

    Motion to add the following: 1A map showing the route officers were taking tracking the person with a knife call. the blue X mark spots is what the police GPS location. 1B Officer Alonzo taking a picture of Mr. Lee's bike found at the scene 1C Items found on Mr. Lee after searching him on the scene. 2A Picture by Holmes of the house 2B Picture by Holmes of the house 2C Picture by Holmes of the house Thank you your honor