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  1. is this thing on?


    1. desie


      omg who is diss?

  2. well, well, well, look what we have here

    1. i_monster_o


      We have the best English person in town here!

  3. MissKittaaaaay


    all my lil apple friends 😂
  4. poke WAR!!!!

    1. MissKittaaaaay


      I'm just trying to sit here in peace and you keep poking me 😒

    2. Chewy Long-Jr

      Chewy Long-Jr

      fine ill take that as a surrender. good battle

    3. MissKittaaaaay


      no, I do not surrender.

  5. RIP Scarlett ❤️


  6. MissKittaaaaay

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Ruby Wilson P-Number: P-305 When are you leaving: 5/20/19 When do you plan to return: Unknown Reason(s): Personal issues that I would like to remain private
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